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0k now that i have narrowed it down from marlin to savage. Now awaits the caliber, do i go with the wichester .270 or 30-06 what

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  • 0k now that i have narrowed it down from marlin to savage. Now awaits the caliber, do i go with the wichester .270 or 30-06 what

    0k now that i have narrowed it down from marlin to savage. Now awaits the caliber, do i go with the wichester .270 or 30-06 whats the difference? And remember this is my first rifle, im 28.

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    The .270 like the 25-06 and .280 are part of the same family... they each pay homage to their daddy the 30-06 as each is simply a necked down 30-06 case firing a smaller diameter bullet. It is hard to outdo the old guy but in some areas each of these cartridges succeeds in ways beyond the old '06. They .270 can shoot flatter with its 130 gr bullet, the 25-06 gets it done with a 120 bullet with a lot less recoil and the .280 bullets may have a superior bullet coefficient..but as an all round cartridge firing a wide range of bullet weight that make it capable of taking any North American game the 30-06 stands above. Still there is no wrong choice in choosing either the .270 or the 30-06, despite the fact each has a cult following.


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      Well said Kody. I will add that the .30-06 does have a cult following. Those people are unlike the enlightened ones who have advanced to the sublime serenity of shooting the .270 ;-)

      Using Hornady 140 gr light magnums, sighted 2.75 inches high at 100 yards will give me a 6 inch sight window out to 300 yds.(Actually 296) with 147 yds being 3 inches above line of sight, 250 yds dead on and 296 yds 3 inches below line of sight. It is much flatter shooting and I don't have to make any adjustments for elevation at different distances. If I can see the deer with the naked eye, I can hit it. I am using a 4x12 scope. I have killed deer and elk with my gun. And everything I hot has gone down.


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        If your talking savage...well your over looking a caliber if you limint yourself to 3o-o6 or 270 there is also the 7mm savage since your 28 I wouldnt try it if it was your first gun as a youngster but based on your age. The 3o-o6 & 270 are top of line calibers but you also can not leave out 7mm when it comes to the savage.


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          I'm a fan of the .270 for the simple reason that it gives me all the performance I want with less recoil than the '06. This might not matter to you but I have an aging shoulder to consider that doesn't handle abuse like it once did. I'd say that unless you were in elk and bear country, go with the .270---that'll give you a reason to get a new rifle at some point down the road.


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            I side with the .270 Winchester. The .270's bullet is .2770 diameter across, whereas the 30-06 bullet is .3080. That is only an increase in bullet size of .0310 from the .270's.... not much. Bullet weight in both calibers will be roughly the same used in deer hunting; example 150 grain bullet. Both calibers with the same bullet weight, with the same velocity have the same energy/foot lbs at the muzzle. The .270 shoots flatter...less of an arch than the 30-06, which is desirable.

            To help you understand calibers, bullets and their performance better I suggest buying a reloading manual. A reloading manual can give you insight on rifle and bullet performance. Also reloading your own ammo is rewarding in its self.

            A couple of more things to consider about your new rifle. One thing that you will need with your new rifle is a cleaning kit. A coated cleaning rod with ball bearing handle is easier to use and safer on your barrel than a sectional aluminum cleaning rod. Some people break-in a new barrel by shooting three, four, or five rounds and than clean the inside barrel. Than repeat once more. Midway U.S.A. is a good starting point and company to buy shooting supplies from.

            I handload my rifle ammo and use a 150 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip bullet in my Savage .270 Winchester. The deer I have shot with that bullet, in the correct spot, have dropped in their tracks.


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              i side with the 30-06 you can go from 110 tto 220 grain bullets and it will kill anything in north america. so will the .270 but i just prefer being able to shoot heavier bullets if i want to. i shoot barnes tipped triple shock handloads and they are going just at 3000 fps. it will kill anything anything i point it at.




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