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  • Parallax adj

    Somebody wanted my Leupold VX1 3-9x a while back and figured Id get a new Freedom .22 lr model to replace it.

    Bud never came for scope and Id removed it from my cz455.

    So grabbed my cheap Harbor freight rubber strap wrenches. Forgot what I used em on ( purchased for some job, they worked ).

    Anyway, i got the objective lock ring loose. And turned the lense carrier almost half a turn.

    At 9x things look in focus on back fence, which is about 30 yards. Ill mount her back up and take to range and do head bob to check at 25 and 50 and set for 50 yds.

    Now just need to convert the 455 to .22 magnum and that rig will be done.

    Leupold offers/ offered parallax adj on fixed obj scopes for 25 bucks plus shipping. Just did it myself at home after reading up on the ol interwebs.

    Scope still looks like new, no screwup.

  • #2
    Ahhhhhh, just remembered. Strap wrenches purchased to remove dinged Leupold scope shade from my dads old vx3 3.5 to 10x AO. Old oils shellacked.

    Oh well, at least it didnt take me a day to remember, only about 10 mins.


    • #3
      I thought of doing that myself in the past but I don’t have the guts.


      • #4
        Had the tools. No need for a centerfire scope like that.
        So just assumed the risk.

        Honestly, .22 rifles are cool n all that but they bore me. Id rather run a .22 rf pistol and w old eyes need an optic
        Reflex has some starburst so dunno if due to cheap or have astigmatism.

        If i can get a crisp dot 2 moa reflex id sell my
        22 lr.sporter rifle. And may end up dumping my target rig.

        Deer season close so not gonna mess w
        22 rifles.much this yr.


        • #5
          Many times reflexes “starburst” when they are inside. This is due to the properties of artificial light. Walk outside and most times the starburst disappears. Firearm deer hunting is still months away here. How did your Savage with the SWFA work out?


          • #6
            I couldn’t live without a 22 rifle and pistol. I’d go nuts with boredom


            • #7
              A target and sporter, in handgun and or rifle, would be enough. Thats 4 rigs max for casual work.

              I just got a NIB old 1022 standard to build into a sporter so my CZ455 will go bye bye.




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