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  • Nrl22

    Buddy helps do an NRL22 match once a month at a local club.

    Hes getting groups at and under .25" for 5 shots at 50 yards ( center to center ). Bergara in a chassis of some sort w I think a big Athlon or similar scope.

    Obviously well above the 1200 dollar limit to stay in base class. There are guys shooting CZ and Voodoos. 2500 to 5K os the open class range Ive seen.

    Bad back, knee and shoulder ....bifocals.
    Yes I looked at some Anschutz stuff and came to the conclusion that at my best these days, my shooting wont be good enough to justify one.

    So i decided to stay in base class, and heck I may not even shoot a match. But I could have something in case the urge hit, know several guys shooting and they said its more social.

    Savage MKII of some sort, forget model. Longer bbl and not threaded. Boyd's laminate spray painted black. Cheap paint, already had a spot pop off. Easy touch up.

    Gonna run a 12X SWFA superchicken on it. They were on sale recently. Hey, its Jap built, not Chinese. Good enough. I needed a fixed 12 just to have around tl put on various for load testing.

    EGW base and rings supposed to arrive tomorrow.
    Go Pro is charged up in case I make it to the range this weekend.

    I figure burn 200.rounds of cheap stuff then clean and season for 10 of SK and then test.

    Right or wrong thats the plan.

    Report back in a few days LOL

  • #2
    CD2: what is the moa of your base? The base that came with my Bergara BMR was 30 moa because it was designed for NRL22 but I put 2 pc bases on it because I'm going to hunt with mine.
    Looking forward to pics and story.


    • #3
      The local matches only go to 100 yds max and since i might hunt mine I ordered a 0 cant base.

      The rifle came w two single slot bases.
      Went w a rail for more options on ring placement.
      Bad neck, I dont stretch as well as I used to.

      Had to go w offset ring on back of my #1B
      Last edited by CD2; 07-13-2022, 11:24 PM.


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        Yeah, when you get it all together post up some pics.

        I’ve stocked up on .22lr ammo but don’t have much variety. I’ll have to manage with the Fed AutoMatch stuff, so far it’s shot decent in our rigs. Only issue is we seem to get a couple duds in every box but for the price I won’t complain. Just makes me question using it in rapid fire pistol matches if I shoot with the club this year.

        Dewman has had me thinking about longer range rimfire shooting with his Bergara posts. It’s something I can do right in the backyard and my off hand shooting has me longing to see better groups.😜

        The Kid and I are planning on shooting a few centerfires this weekend. We have two scope swaps to sight in and I’ve treated six rifles with Dyna Bore Coat. Seems Barsness is taking over DEP’s role in gunwriter influence.

        Also have some hand loads to test out but will probably wait until after cleaning the guns from the curing process.


        • #5
          I have cci blazer, ww super x and sk standard plus.
          finally found some sk rifle match but its 20 bucks a brick more than it used to be.

          So hope the standard plus is well liked by my savage


          • #6
            IMG_2777.jpg IMG_2829.jpg I have more brands and types of 22 shells than I care to go count. Settled on mini mags. Most accurate? No. Best terminal performance? No. More than good enough for me? Yes. My Bergara "buddy" and my gentle dispute might be heading to rimfirecentral, where he feels a special kinship I guess I don't share.
            ​​​​​​​Reposting pics. Was using a more powerful scope when I did my initial shooting but went lighter for walking around hunting.


            • #7
              Got my rings and base. Mediums are .990 a d the base is taller than factory ones, so scope is up a bit. Proly could have used lows at .850.

              But better to be too tall than too short since comb not adjustable. Well, is kinda sorta, can add to it if need be LOL
              Hate the angled trigger guard so will order DIP one for 45 bucks if this shoots and I keep it.

              Ive shot a variety of .22lr over the yrs.

              Super X used to be decent.

              Not anymore IMHO.

              Blazer seems decent across multiple rigs so is my hunting/ plinking choice.

              If I want something better am in the SK realm.


              • #8
                Trigger guard looks ok to me but to each their own. Will the added ring height be easier on your neck? SK is the real deal accuracy wise but I don't need the small edge it gives for the $$$ difference. Maybe if I was a serious competitor then I'm sure I'd go either that route or some Eley flavor.
                Havent seen blazer around here in quite awhile.
                Agree on the super-x, they are probably running their manufacturing machines wide open.


                • #9
                  Fitch: I'm curious, is Federal automatch more accurate for you than CCI standard? Or is your choice more of a cost consideration? I ask because I don't know anyone who doesn't say the CCI standard has it all over the Automatch in any platform.


                  • #10
                    Blazer has recently shown up at some shops around here but they price it close to match ammo LOL
                    They can choke on em at that price.



                    • #11
                      CCI standard hasnt shot better than reg HV in a few rigs Ive tried. But I never pushed em past 100 where an HV going subsonic might get silly


                      • #12
                        Dewman; Mostly availability but also because the price has been good. The nearest Walmart has had ample inventory of the AM for several months, $21.66/box of 325. They’ve had CCI Standard for $4.95/50 but no bricks. Part of the problem is they’re still limiting sales to 3 boxes per adult regardless of box count so Federal it’s been.

                        We did manage to get three bricks of CCI last winter. Picked up by one of my wife’s employees when he was down south on active reserve duty. I’ll use that if I end up shooting pistol league this season. I’ve no doubt the CCI would out perform the Fed stuff at distance off a bench but for the 50’ offhand we do it’s pretty much a wash. In fact our top shooter who shoots in the Master class with a tricked out 10/22 using target peeps actually shoots AutoMatch ammo.

                        I also have over two bricks of some Eley bulk stuff and two unopened bricks of Winchester M-22. Haven’t tried the Win ammo yet but the Eley shoots decent enough, only problem with it has been it fouls the chamber in my CZ after a few hundred rounds. Causes extraction issues if I don’t run a snake through it every few weeks.

                        Edit; side note

                        There’s an older gentleman in our club who’s shot competitively for decades, according to him for offhand work higher velocity is a good thing. I guess similar to lock time the faster the bullet gets out of the barrel the better as there’s less effect from shooter movement. Assuming the ammo works ok in whatever rifle.
                        Last edited by fitch270; 07-15-2022, 09:50 PM.


                        • #13
                          My kitchen island thing is level. Placed rifle in harris bipod ( leg notch non swivel ) on top. Removed scope and laid a level across the base. Rifle is rotated right.

                          Popped leg to first notch on right and level showed bubble center.

                          Put scope and rings back on and adjusted w level on big elev turret cap. Proly not perfect but way better / close.

                          Turns out the Boyds stocks forend isnt symmentrical.

                          Tried a pc of paper to check free float. Nope.
                          popped action out of stock and there were some rough edges, material sticking up......where 5 or 6 little holes were drilled in bbl channel, pretty much above swivel stud.

                          So sanded that clear and a pc of paper will now slide back. Not folded double though.

                          Damn I hate laminated stocks. Personally I think the material cheap and wimpy.
                          Last edited by CD2; 07-16-2022, 06:10 PM.


                          • #14
                            I may paint stock kind of like a Manners, but in more fall coloring. Dunno yet. See if i open channel a little more.


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