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Sibling Rivalry at the Range

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  • Sibling Rivalry at the Range

    I have to give a shout out for my daughter, we just finished shooting our league match this week and she not only beat me again but for the first time she outshot her brother 275-273. I actually tied The Kid with a 273 myself. First time he hasn’t beaten me in a couple years.

    This was her second highest personal best after a 277 a few weeks ago. Her average is still a bit below what she’s been shooting lately after starting the season out behind where she ended last year. I’ll need to do a better job getting her to the range over the summer to keep the rust off. In the last seven weeks she’s beaten me five times and we’ve tied twice. If she finishes out the season this well she’ll be right about where her brother was two years ago at her age.

    Thing is she’s not gloating and he’s taking it fine. I’m the one with the bruised ego, both of them keep showing me up.

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    My competitive side wants to know what are your individual all time best? Believe your Mrs. and your sil shoot also? How are you doing as a team, if that applies? Or how are you ranking league wise? Any load or equipment standing out? Or maybe hindering? Have fun. Stay safe and , ahem, aim SMALLER!😁


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      Dewman; I think my personal best is a 282, I’ve only shot in the 280’s twice that I remember. Typically I’m in the upper 260’s and low 270’s but each year seem to have a couple bad outings that really hurt my average. I started this year in the 270’s and then absolutely tanked one night with a 246. Shot a 259 a couple weeks later.

      I tried something different last night that may have helped. I’ve been tense shooting match targets and have been having a hard time focusing on the sight picture. I’m right eye dominate but I think my eyes have been changing enough that shooting with both eyes open is causing an issue. I taped over the left lens on my shooting glasses and it seemed to help. I was getting a better “look” at the sight picture but still needed to concentrate on trusting what I was seeing. It’s been going on for some time, I moved the scope ahead in the rings not long ago to get a lower cheek weld. I’d been having trouble getting my bifocals centered on the crosshairs to avoid distortion. That helped some as well. It’s definitely a concentration deal, I think getting a clear sight picture will help my brain lock in on the signals better. If I can do that it will be a matter of getting my timing down on the shot.

      The Kid is averaging about a 278, I think his best is a 287 or so. My daughter is now about a 260 average. My sister in law is crushing it averaging about 274, I’m not sure what her best is but she’s beaten The Kid twice now. My wife has struggled this year like me, she has a few shots get away on her each night. She’s averaging mid 250’s but has a personal best 274. Last night had shot 90 and 89 on her first two targets then had a miss and a 6 on the last. She has eye issues so I may get her to tape a lens as well to see if it helps.


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        Fitch: Since you are shooting indoors, close range, at targets, is there a way you could forego your glasses altogether? Thus eliminating the glasses lense placement as another criticalI factor. I do at the range to get best possible groups then when I finish I put my glasses back on and focus my scope to them. Those groups I shoot rimfire or centerfire you see me post here were all shot without my glasses on though I wouldn't think about driving without them. Try it sometime and tell me your opinion.
        My body finally said enough last night. Slept 14 hours. Have till January 4th to pistol hunt but I will probably wait till last day to go again. I've had more than a bountiful year. Might crow hunt 2 or 3 more times, probably get talked into going to the range a couple times, but fishing is coming into my thoughts more and more and frankly I'm beat. People at the tornado sights still could use help but need to belong to a group now as the looters and vultures are swarmed in. The "finders keepers" mentality is alive and well. A battery powered sawzall can get you a lot of catalytic converters, and jail time. Stay safe, aim small, and happy new year 🎈


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          Oh, hey, I saw but didn't reply on F&S that PH nailed a deer with his 6.5C and he did buy a CZ shotgun. Looking forward to his write ups. Having issues with the 6.5C in my pistol. Have recovered the 3 does shot with it.( not by me) little to no blood trails though nice through and through holes (all broadside). Avg 200 yd track jobs. Thinking maybe 14" pistol barrel brings the velocity/smack below the desired threshold.???


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            Range rules require eye and ear protection so going without isn’t feasible, and I’d hate to have an issue like you had with bad brass in your CZ. I did try regular safety glasses one week but they’re the narrow wrap around style that’s popular and I had the same basic issue with the lens curvature. I don’t legally need my prescription glasses for driving but I’m thinking about picking up a pair of yellow tinted aviator style minus the reading prescription. I tend to wear my glasses for nighttime driving to cut eye fatigue and glare so I’m thinking I could get double duty out of a set like that.

            Shooting off a bench it hasn’t been an issue. Not sure if that’s because of being much more steady or just no pressure from shooting for score. Main thing is to fix one thing at a time and get back on track.

            What ammo are you running in the pistol? Sounds like you may just need to try something different.


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              What ammo are you running in the pistol? Sounds like you may just need to try something different. [/QUOTE]

              Deer season xp- sudden impact (all copper) and regular (ballistic tip) made by Winchester


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                My youngest has to "qualify" quarterly.
                Handgun, shotgun and Gov't issue M4.
                High score is 260 with the M4. The lid constantly scores in the upper 250's.
                I'm doing good to keep everything in a 9 inch paper plate.
                Don't know the difference in scoring, but 258 out of 260 ain't bad.


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                  Originally posted by dewman View Post

                  What ammo are you running in the pistol? Sounds like you may just need to try something different.
                  Deer season xp- sudden impact (all copper) and regular (ballistic tip) made by Winchester[/QUOTE]

                  Interesting. I’d maybe expect what you’re describing from the Deer Season XP’s since monos do better with velocity but I’d have thought the BT’s would be perfect for that application. Guess a softer cup and core might be a better option.


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                    IMG_2671.jpg I told my deer hunting pard I was taking a break he sent me this trail camera pic from last night and asked if I was sure. It looks like night but actually it's still light enough to walk out without a flashlight at that time. About +\- 50yds from our tower.
                    Also EVERCALM in the black "Deoderant" style applicator works very well here. I will always use it going forward.
                    Last edited by dewman; 12-28-2021, 08:03 AM.


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                      Originally posted by dewman View Post
                      IMG_2671.jpg I told my deer hunting pard I was taking a break he sent me this trail camera pic from last night and asked if I was sure. It looks like night but actually it's still light enough to walk out without a flashlight at that time. About +\- 50yds from our tower.
                      Dang, he shouldn't have done that! Looks like some good eating if harvested.


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                        Proof that deep down guys are still 16 years old at heart, buddies talking them into stuff they know they really shouldn’t…. Lol.!


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                          Is your league bench, prone or offhand?
                          If benched what are the allowed rests?

                          We had a bench league years ago. Front bag only, crappy table at indoor range.

                          My Anschutz 141 w a 4x did 99 out of 100 at 25 yards, repeatably. Never a 100 and a couple 98s.

                          Shot the 50 ft indoor targets at 25 yards.

                          Guys bought the Brno target rigs w 6.5-20x Leupolds and were 100 after 100.

                          No way I could beat em. Didnt care. For a hunting rig running non match ammo i was just competing w myself.

                          And never a 100. Dangit.

                          Same kinda nonsense in trap. Never a 25. Can bang out four 24s in a row. Gave up.

                          Whatever gremlin is in my head he aint leaving.


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                            Worked on my CZ 455 last night. Went out for pineys and the safety ( rarely used as it was only shot on the range ) was stiff and loud

                            So worked on slicking that up, and the bolt cam down.

                            Fingers sore from many manipulations, plus a little polishing. Bolt is way easier and safety effort reduced 50 percent.

                            Weather bad today. Id like to try it at 50 w diff ammo.
                            Sk standard plus.....Fiocchi match.

                            Am out of Sk rifle match.

                            Honestly if it does under .75 at 50 w Blazer Id be happy but yeah, rather be .5

                            Need to find a higher mag scope to test it.


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                              Face it man...young eyes are gonna beat ya.
                              Just the way it is





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