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A couple 😑😑 from the range yesterday

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  • A couple 😑😑 from the range yesterday

    First, my 2001 Leupold vx2 crapped on me. I mean bullets flying everywhere. Had to burn more ammo I didn't want to determining it was indeed the scope. Different mounts, shots still all over. Different rifle, shots hitting up,down,left,right. Change scope, everything is πŸ‘. That was the pic I posted. Will send scope in later. First time a Leupold has took the big dump on me. Still my number one pick because currently I have 3 from the 70's mounted on rifles still going strong. Didn't like the 50 total rounds wasted this fall.
    A fella shooting with us had a 257R improved that split the cases wide open every shot.(4) Well below max loads. He put it up and we went by our gunsmith on our way home. Gunsmith wearing a bandage wrapped round his left hand. Seems he shot his palm with a 22. Did it with one of them North American Arms mini revolvers.
    Fitch: I now have 50 once fired 7-08 brass(40 Federal,10Nosler) so if you get short give a shout out.
    Stay safe - aim small. Hunting season is upon us. IMG_1540.JPG

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    Boy, that can be infuriating!
    Bought a rifle once, Could NOT get that hummer to shoot!
    Two or three different scopes and still looked like a scatter gun pattern! 🀬
    Out of sheer desperation, I stripped the scope off and sent it back (bought it new) to the manufacturer.
    Low and behold! About 2 weeks later, I unpacked a tack driver! A new pivot pin, a shim or two and tighten some other pins! Voila!


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      So if I’m following correctly this Leupold was on your M70 correct? What other rifle did you test it on and what, if any, did you mount on the Winchester?

      I have a couple VX-1 1-4x20’s and a Vari-X IIc 3-9x40 that’s now sitting atop my .270. I’m liking the set up on the M700 but haven’t used that scope enough to really trust it. I bought it used, put it on a .243 and had the Kid sight it in with about five rounds. It seemed to function properly but that old Mossberg never was a real tack driver so it’s hard to tell. I’ll sight the .270 in with some factory loads I have then try some more hand loads. Hopefully I’ll get decent results out of both the scope and ammo. I know the rifle is consistent.

      Keep us updated on how Leupold handles the warranty. I’ll be interested to know if they repair it or replace with a VX Freedom model, or maybe even something else.

      Right now we’re good on 7-08 brass, but the way things are I certainly wouldn’t turn any homeless away. I also have some bullets and loaded ammo if someone gets in a pinch.


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        Fitch: I have an extra vx2 I bought when my nephew at Walmart was closing them out. Actually bought 3 for $149 apc. It rides the model 70 now. Posted it on here I believe. Mounted the bad one on my pals 700 classic (300Savage, plainest wood I've ever seen on a classic) while we were still at the range, it screwed his pooch too.
        Thinking I might try the box of Hornady lite, the low recoil stuff, just to see what they will do, before the 2 cortisone shots I got n my shoulder wear off too much.πŸ€”πŸ˜‰


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          I have a couple hundred Rem 140gr SP and some new WW 7mm 08 brass. Have not found a Sav 110 to build a rifle for it yet. Have the stock though ( B&C ).

          Also have 10.boxes of WW Supreme 140gr ammo.

          Cant find a deal anywhere, but dang if those Axis rifles arent all over.

          Maybe when th economy tanks again I can score a savage short action.




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