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Thinking of trading for a .243 WSSM...

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  • Thinking of trading for a .243 WSSM...

    One of my friends is wanting to trade a Winchester Model 70 stainless in .243 WSSM for my Remington 7400 carbine in .30-06. The Model 70 would be without scope but would come with three boxes of ammo and possibly a set of dies. He wants me to leave the scope on my carbine and throw in three boxes of CoreLokts.

    What are your thoughts on the .243 WSSM and do you have any experience with it?

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    My 2 cents PH. I only know one guy who had a wssm, wasn't the 243 version. Rounds were hell loading out of the magazine, ammo expensive and hard to find, accuracy lackluster. He felt he had been duped by hype. First, I would demand HE leave HIS scope, I would keep mine as YOU are the one doing HIM the favor swapping. Winchester no longer loads the 243wssm, frankly ALL the wssm's were after thoughts on locking up the wsm family in the Winchester camp. 7400 carbines are a hot ticket right now, yours is the much more sought after rifle, his is a dinosaur. If I had his gun and I could swap you for yours my hands would be so sweaty I couldn't make the deal fast enough. My advice is hell no don't do it. If you don't like your carbines blast or the caliber makes you yawn that's fine, you have much trading power in your rig. There are better deals out there. But again,your gun, only my 2cents.(demand his scope & probably some cash)


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      The WSSM's were/are a flashy, passing fad that faded quickly.
      Your 7400 is becoming a collectible that will only increase in value. The WSSM won't.

      You've got what HE wants.

      Unless you just REALLY want a WSSM, I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.
      Besides, the brushy areas you hunt makes a souped up .243 almost useless. That's a "wide open ground" type cartridge.


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        Only if you can't live without a WSSM. Hell no, don't trade, it is very lopsided trade.


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          Another vote for "NO," and this from a M70 fan. The 243 is already an overbore cartridge, and the WSSMSSMMSSM is even overborerer.


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            Thanks for all the feedback. I appreciate the input.

            For years my Buddy has been trying to get my 7400 and he probably now considers it a challenge. He really doesn't need it. When he brought it up again, I told him I'd trade for his Tikka in .308 Win and that's when he offered the .243 WSSM.

            I'd read where the WSSM is known for feeding problems and you guys have just confirmed that. Ammo and brass for the cartridge has become almost non-existent but that can be worked around by handloading.

            PigHuntress has a .243 Win barrel for her Handi and I've not been interested in hunting with it. Right now it's without a scope and collecting dust. The .243 WSSM looks like it only picks up 100 fps and brings more problems than it's worth.

            So, I'm going to pass on the deal. Besides, that would mean yet another cartridge I'd have in ammo inventory and that in itself causes me to pause. Thanks again!


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              In late but yeah, easy pass on that deal.


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                About the only reasonable dies for sale these days.....those for the WSSM stuff. LOL


                • #9
                  No, I wouldn't trade for a WSSM


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                    I know this is stylishly late to the party, but I think you did well to pass on that deal. None of the WSSMs are surviving. In fact, the only WSM that is not on life support is the .300 WSM and maybe the .270 WSM. Same with RSAUM cartridges. The only sound reason to own any of those is just to say you have one. Sort of like a 1967 Rambler American….




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