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Marlin 1894 44 Magnum

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    Originally posted by fitch270 View Post
    My 1895G with a Leupold VX-1 1-4x20 sitting in a Leupold standard 1 piece base with low rings. This scope is the shotgun version with a heavy duplex and 75 yard parallax setting. Works well in thick cover but not a finesse rig.

    Real nice rig. Get yourself some hard cast 240gr bullets. I like Penn Bullets in Pittsburgh PA. I use IMR 4227 powder. Your rig will be a real deer slayer. Clean the bore with J B non embedding on a bore snake with a patch over the brush. Cleans and laps the barrel at the same time and that rig should shoot well.
    IF you take the lever off to clean (one big screw) be careful putting ejector back in position you do not want to bend it. Just some tips.
    I put a peep sight on my .450Marlin. You might want to try the Hornady Leverevolution in your ,44mag. good luck IMG_1427.JPG
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      Originally posted by Red Angus View Post
      I made it out this afternoon before chores and ran a magazine through it. It cycles smoothly and shoots good.
      I'll be adding a scope ASAP, mostly because I want it to be usable in low light and partly because I'm horrible with irons. B8863217-B3AF-4559-9B89-EE4A0E3CFED3.jpeg
      That looks like you load and shoot all week.


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        You have secured an amazing deal, my friend! Getting your hands on a gun like this is quite an achievement. My grandad has a Marlin 1894, and it is also JM stamped, so I know how cool this gun is. I have an embarrassing story tied to it, though. I have an M16. I have a great cool bipod for it that I use on the regular. Well, I decided to try and use it with the Marlin. It was one of the worst ideas I could ever have. I did end up scratching the wood with the bipod because they were obviously not properly compatible. The scratch does not stand out, and this gun has seen combat, so it does have some scratches on it already
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