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Zeroed a couple today

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    Originally posted by CD2 View Post
    The winner was the old 760 ADL.
    3 shots at an inch @ 100 yards. Leupold 2-7x at 7.
    was maybe an inch low. Is .5" high at 50.

    Will run it at 4x.

    Warm, only wearing T shirt

    Next was the M77 MKII " all weather " in .308.
    1.25". Scope is Trijicon w triangle on post. Gimme crosshairs please. Trigger is heavy. So with those issues, 1.25" aint bad. 3-9x set at 9x.

    Last, the #1 in .280. 3 with the others, no cooling off. 2" a horizontal line. Repeatedly. Also at 9x.

    Ill try other ammo and take the forend screw from 20 in lbs to 15.
    Your 1" low and .5 high at 50 sounds like anemic ammo. Try 2.5" high at 50 with 165 or 180. Should be about 1 1/2 high at 100


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      Its my thicket gun and the scope is in low rings.
      its a thread the needle rig and I set it up just how I wanted it.

      The Hornady Leverevolution aint the hottest, but it drops em. 35 rem is fine.

      Yeah I could stretch out the point blank deal by using see through rings.

      LOL.....those things are so silly only a democrat would buy em.

      Last edited by CD2; 11-16-2020, 10:40 PM.


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        Update: The Ruger #1 off bipods did not do well (Federial Premium 150gr). Was wearing a VX Freedom I had laying around (not pretty scope).
        Got a Vari X II gloss, and it looks mucho bettero. And dialed right in (even though friction adjustments). The .280 rem kicks hard enough evidently to get the tube onto the spring (did not have to tap turrets like on varmint cartridge stuff.......ah the good old days).

        Bag rest, a little closer than sling stud, and Rem Corlokt 150's had just over an inch, vertical dispersion. The prev outing w other ammo and bipods, was 2" horizontal. an invite for late season antlerless a couple counties north. If we go, the #1 is my rig.


        Deer season has sucked! Only 1 pic on 4 cameras, last 2 weeks, of deer. And of course, the neighbor guy walking dead center through thicket. Same dufus walked his dog along field, 3rd or 4th day of gun ( at 10 am ). The field and thicket are our landowners and my bud is kinda in charge of it.

        Maybe the dude is special needs, or just an idiot.

        Unacceptable either way.

        Covid quarantine, plus my surgery before archery season.........has cost me a few K in take home fundage.
        That along w a crappy deer season, and the #1 looking like it may be a shooter after a little work..............yeah, gonna dump a couple deer rifles.

        Already took the M77 boat paddle to a shop to consign.

        Am still on the block about my Sako Forester. Don't need two .243's. The ol lady said keep it.
        It is slick.

        But I am more $ into my 700 now that it wears an HS Precision stock. And it shoots OK. Am not against sending it off for a rebarrel in stainless if it doesn't respond to handloading this summer.

        I just don't need six deer rifles LOL
        The #1 behaving a bit has thrown a monkey wrench into my plans LOL

        It might need a gloss VX3 instead of the Vari XII.


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          Went on YT and looked at Jumping Jack trailer/ tent deal. The ol lady liked it a lot.
          Boat Sport and Travel show in Feb has been cancelled.

          Last edited by CD2; 12-15-2020, 05:49 PM.


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            I'm thinking real hard about getting a set of Weaver style bases for my 700 and mounting the gloss Leupold VariX IIc I'd picked up for my old .243. Make it an 80's era combo for nice weather and practicing. Then I could put the 4200 on my daughter's .243 and have the Weaver GS to use on a new stainless synthetic .270. The main thing holding me back is not knowing if or when I'll be able to find what Im looking for.

            Having done the pop up camper deal and moving up to a self contained rig I'd skip the fabric route if at all possible, especially if it's going to be used in less than ideal conditions much.

            Best of luck on the doe hunt!


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              Not a pop up camper, is a tent in/on a trailer.



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                Yep, I was just thinking that you have the same issues with packing and having to dry it out when it gets wet.

                That is a slick set up and you can multipurpose the trailer as well.

                Camper options are always a trade off. Budget, towing capabilities, storage, etc all come into play before even considering layouts. Main thing we found is the more you use one the more comfortable and convient you'll want it to be.

                Ours is six years old, the wife loves it but pretty soon it's going to be time to trade it in.




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