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Rimfire/centerfire scopes on a rimfire? My thoughts, or lack of them, on parallax

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  • Rimfire/centerfire scopes on a rimfire? My thoughts, or lack of them, on parallax

    Since switching over from true centerfire scopes, both fixed and variable (95% Leupold)to dedicated rimfire, (100% Nikon) I have noticed 0% gain in group shrinking. This is after thousands of rounds, from bench and field with every conceivable rest, at distances from 10 feet to 150 yds, with 7 different rimfires. I've read the parallax articles till I've gone blind but I just can't get it to bear out. I have come to a conclusion I will stand by. The very best shooting guns shoot a variety of ammo really well. Mainly, ammo choice is the decider between 1/2" or 1/4" groups. So in conclusion, If I'm seeking a jaw dropping rimfire I will look for one that shoots anything I put through it into tiny groups and I will then try different brands to find its sweet spot. A dedicated rimfire scope is of no noticeable use. Any thoughts or insights any of you have, even if you totally disagree, I'm eager to hear.
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