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Nikon spot on- prostaff 4x12 BDC 17 HM2 field test

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  • Nikon spot on- prostaff 4x12 BDC 17 HM2 field test

    These are the targets, set up in their holder to put them 14" off the ground. Used front sandbag and folded jacket rear over the hood. Lined up here in order left to right. Distances of 75-100(106)-125(125)-150(152) yds, verified with laser rangefinder. Ignore the head shots, they were varification of sighting in and done at 75yds. The actual distances stated have Nikons projected poi beside them in parentheses. Pretty close. Forgot to add. The two guys shooting with me tried a mag apiece at the 150 yd. Ruger 10-22 and a Savage bolt 22. Both sighted in at 25yds. 17 shots total. Zero hits although one of them shot my stand. I know there are those on here who would have made head shots, or at least nickel sized groups at all these distances, offhand, with grandpas open sighted rifle but this is how it went.
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    Thanks for sharing that report. The groups look adequate for me. I'm definitely not a marksman and would be pleased for those distances. I have a Prostaff 5 on my 6.5 Creedmoor but haven't checked the reticle beyond 100 yards.

    How was the wind? Was it variable? Those are light bullets


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      Winds could well have been a factor but I think the biggest challenge was centering the desired point of impact in the center of an open circle. For a round bullseye target they probably work great but for precision on irregular shapes I think solid mil dots or stadia wires would work better.




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