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Savage 110 Hog Hunter 338 Federal

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  • Savage 110 Hog Hunter 338 Federal

    Does anyone out there have a Savage 110 Hog Hunter in a 338 Federal? How do you like It? Things that I like about this gun is: adjustable stock, 20" threaded barrel, 338 Fed cartridge?(although I like 358 Win better), bolt action, sights, detachable magazine, and reasonable price. I really don't need another rifle and this cartridge would be similar to others that I own, but buying guns is one of my vices. I do reload.

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    I don't have a Savage nor a rifle in .338 Federal. What are you planning to hunt with it and at what distance?

    The Ruger American Ranch Rifle in .450 Bushmaster is similar, but without the adjustable stock. Overall length is 3 to 4 inches shorter which is handy if going after game in thick undergrowth. It's also lighter than the Savage.

    The Ruger American Predator in .308 is also a couple of inches shorter than the Savage, and about a pound lighter.

    I have the Predator in 6.5 Creedmoor but it has a .22-inch barrel. Very cumbersome stalking with suppressor attached. Even though it's my most accurate rifle, I'm considering trading it for the 18-inch version in .308 because of wanting to use a suppressor (supersonic). At my hunting distances, the 6.5 CM is no more effective than the .308 Win. My other option is to get the barrel cut shorter and threaded on my Remington 788 in .308


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      I don't own a Savage or anything chambered for .338 Federal so all I can contribute are my thoughts and opinions.

      The threaded barrel, oversized bolt handle, and barrel length the 110 Hog Hunter features are great. However, I personally consider backup iron sights a waste of real estate, but to each their own. My first thought was that it is a heavier gun than I'd like, but it is actually very comparable to my T/C Compass which I find very comfortable to carry.

      After a quick comparison of ballistics, I don't see the .338Federal having enough of an advantage over .308 or .30-06 to justify it. But again, that's just my opinion. Where you have the capability to reload your own ammunition that may not be a matter of concern for you.

      All in all the Savage appears to be a quality firearm for the price. Considering the manufacturers reputation I would expect it to be a tack driver when paired with the proper load. It would weigh in right over 8 pounds if topped with a light scope such as a Leopold 1-4X20, which I have found to be an adequate scope for game justifying the use of a medium bore rifle.


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        The closest experience I can offer is when I lived in Colorado I owned a Remington 660 in 350 Rmag. Shooting was not a joy. Wasn't as light to carry as you might think either but it was my thick places elk rifle when my 7Mag BAR was too cumbersome. Shot 1 deer with it when I moved to Missouri and while I was tracking it (yes, it ran off. Ungrateful ungulate.) it made me wonder who was getting the worst of the deal so my first trip back I sold it to a friend of my uncles. So my long winded thought is this. If I were planning on actually using it for a hog rifle or something as big-tough then yes it looks near perfect. But if it's just another whitetail gun maybe not so much.


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          IMNSHO, any cartridge in the .30-30 Win class is sufficient for hogs.
          Most hog hunting is an "up close and personal" affair that normally occurs in heavy cover.
          Semi auto and lever rifles are best for quick followup shots.
          If popping pigs in the next zip code punches your ticket, then a heavy caliber bolt gun "otter" do it, but a plain old .270, .308 or '06 will fill the bill


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            Get a Marlin 1895M, carbine length barrel and be done with it. Hit a pig in the toe and it will knock it on it's ass. Best if you re load so you can tailor the loads for the big ..450M Marlin. as you desire.




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