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I write for a couple of magazines. Right now I am writing about an accident which occurred in 1961 with a 30-30 rifle.

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    Originally posted by jimjade3 View Post
    I am just getting used to this site- so I’m trying to write correctly having no experience with a 30-30. First, the hunter was 16 years old in 1961. Would a 30-30 have been a rifle which might have been considered a normal choice for such a kid? What might have he hunted with it in mid October in Arkansas? What type ammunition might have been used in the rifle? How much ammunition did a 1960’s 30-30 hold? The discharge landed about 25 feet away and about at a 7 foot rise above the lap of the person cleaning the gun. I assume that such a trajectory would not be out of the ordinary during a cleaning operation. How exactly would you clean a 30-30? How much chance is there that such a cleaning operation would mess up fine furniture?
    A 30-30 hunting slug would do a nice job of wrecking fine furniture. Big hole going in ... bigger hole coming out.




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