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.22LR conversion kit for AR

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    Originally posted by PigHunter View Post
    On Saturday, I was able to fire a few rounds through a suppressor using a Ruger handgun. Wow, I'm really impressed with how much the sound is reduced!

    Every load we used cycled well except for the CCI "Quiet-22". It's listed as 710 fps so I guess there's just not enough recoil to work a semi-auto action. So, I'm thinking of just skipping the conversion kit and waiting on the desired bolt-action to become available. Thanks for all of the responses!


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      Originally posted by rockhound View Post
      When I with through Basic training the M16 we used were converted to a 22lr. I'm sure if the M16 can be converted an AR should be as well.
      Thanks for doing the research. I recently read a first hand account of a Marine sniper who witnessed major M-16 malfunctions during a firefight. Cost some young soldiers their lives




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