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The varmint rifles that I currently use are chambered in .222 Remington, .22/250 Remington and .243 Winchester. However, I'm con

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  • The varmint rifles that I currently use are chambered in .222 Remington, .22/250 Remington and .243 Winchester. However, I'm con

    The varmint rifles that I currently use are chambered in .222 Remington, .22/250 Remington and .243 Winchester. However, I'm considering obtaining a rifle in 6mm Remington. I would like to try it with the heavy 105-grain A-MAX, or a similar bullet, for long-range shots at woodchucks (roughly 500 yards). What do you think of this cartridge/bullet combo? Also, I've heard that the 6mm isn't as accurate as the .243. Is this true? —K.K., Candor, NY

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    I think you should consider the 6mm Remington cartridge. Though the .222 and .22/250 cartridges are plenty accurate, they tend to run out of steam short of the 500-yard marker. We occasionally hear that the .243 Winchester is more accurate than the 6mm Remington, but such statements are not reliable. The issue has been definitively tested and was reported in "Testing the Twist Myth" [Shooting, November 2003].

    The 6mm Remington may offer you an advantage because of its somewhat greater case capacity. It allows for heavier charges of slow-burning powder to be used with 105-grain bullets.

    Reread the above-mentioned article, particularly noting the accuracy-producing (or reducing) relationships of different rates of twist with heavier, and longer, 6mm bullets. By matching a barrel with a specific rate of twist to a specific bullet, you will more likely achieve the degree of accuracy for long shots at small targets. —Jim Carmichel, Shooting Editor


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      don't waste money on a 6mm it only .001 (caliber) off a .243


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        there just about the same it will be as good as the 243


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          The 6mm Rem. is faster, flatter, and inherently more accurate than the .243. I use my 6mm on everything from p-dogs to deer and it has never let me down so long as I do my part. The .243 is a sub-caliber for people who don’t know about the 6mm Rem.


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            since this question is kind of dated anyone reading this should consider the 6mm Creedmoor when thinking about the comparison offered by the reader




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