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I recently bought my oldest son a brand new Savage model 93R17 .17 HMR. He took it out for the first time on our squirrel hunt y

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  • I recently bought my oldest son a brand new Savage model 93R17 .17 HMR. He took it out for the first time on our squirrel hunt y

    I recently bought my oldest son a brand new Savage model 93R17 .17 HMR. He took it out for the first time on our squirrel hunt yesterday afternoon. He shot one squirrel and missed a second one with the next shot. That shot sounded exactly like the first shot, but the bullet must have hung up in the barrel. He had no way of knowing this and later tried to shoot another squirrel with it. At that shot, the gun literally blew apart. The report was louder than a shotgun. If a piece could come off or violently bend, it did. The stock cracked in half from the fore stock to the butt pad. I can't shake the memory of my youngest son and I walking up on him lying semi-conscious in the snow. Other than a concussion, bruised face, a broken tooth and a long wait in the ER last night, he is alright, but I can't clear my mind of what could have been. I have read of other bad events with the HMR and had a very similar, but much less severe one with mine years ago. My question to the editors of OL and the other members of this site is: Should the .17 HMR be trusted? Mine is my favorite rifle, but I will throw it in the river before I let something like last night happen again. I can't wonder if the bullet actually left the barrel every time I shoot this rifle in the future. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hey huntfishtrap - my thoughts are with your boy. I know that deeply rattled you, and probably scarred him. I'm kinda like JM here. Because this could be an event that swears him off shooting, maybe forever, it wouldn't hurt to get him behind a .22 just for fun - plinking cans, making holes in targets, low-pressure and high entertainment sessions behind the trigger - to tame his flinch and remind him that guns are fun.
    - mckean




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