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how many fps is the Benjamin Discovery

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  • how many fps is the Benjamin Discovery

    how many fps is the Benjamin Discovery

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    All testing I give here is with a .22 cal 14.3gr Crosman Premier Pellet.

    I can shoot a 18 shot string from 805 to 835FPS in the 1200-1800PSI range. Filled up to 2000PSI I start off in the mid 700FPS range and can get about 35 shots as you run it down to 1000PSI back into the mid-700's again.

    It is an extremely fun gun to shoot, the 2000PSI to pump it up is doable by youth and women. I broke out my Discovery at a party and had every guy shooting it, then youth then woman wanting to shoot it by the end of the day.

    Its a bit loud as any Pre-Charged will be without a muzzlebrake on it, but a quick check of the internet will get you headed in right direction to purchase an off-market one that quiets you right down to a gentle pop.




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