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I'm a huge fan of Hogue pistol grips. I heard they make overmolded rifle stocks to replace old ones, which is exactly what I did

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  • I'm a huge fan of Hogue pistol grips. I heard they make overmolded rifle stocks to replace old ones, which is exactly what I did

    I'm a huge fan of Hogue pistol grips. I heard they make overmolded rifle stocks to replace old ones, which is exactly what I did. I'm still awaiting for it to come in. Few questions. Do I need to loc-tite the barrel screw that joins the stock to the barrel? Is changing this stock gonna affect accuracy to the point that I need to completely re-zero my scope? These and any other information is greatly appreciated. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer. So far, too hot for me.

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    not like your accuracy can get much worse! might as well duck tape and super glue her on!


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      I'm not an expert on this subject, so keep that in mind, but I felt I had to add something to the conversation to offset kkok's stupid drivel.
      I've never completely replaced a rifle stock, but I've taken them off and on to clean the guns before, and in my experience, you don't need to Loc-Tite the barrel screw, just screw it down nice and tight, and it should hold fine, unless you're shooting a very hard-kicking gun. But it wouldn't hurt to Loc-Tite the screw, if it'd make you feel better.
      I don't think the new stock will have a huge impact on accuracy, but it will probably shift it a bit - probably a few inches at 100 yards, so you will have to shoot it after putting the new stock on.
      We haven't had too much heat in my part of the country, but we've had WAY too much rain - we just got 3.6 inches last night and this morning, so all the creeks are flooded.


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        I wouldn't use Loctite on the action screws. Just make sure they are tight when you install the action in the new stock. I would definitely check where your rifle is shooting after you get it put together, most likely it will affect your point of impact.


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          I have installed two synthetic stocks one, a Remington model 700, another Weatherby Mark V.
          I also glass bedded the Weatherby and the POI was off slightly. BTW, the Weatherby has a inch-pound specification for tightening the action screws.
          The Remington was a drop in and also needed a slight tweak.


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            Hogue makes two different rifle replacement stocks. One has an aluminum insert to stiffen the stock. That one is more costly but I believe it would be worth it. I have never tried Hogue's gun stocks but their reputation is top notch. Last thing, do not Loctite the action screws.




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