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Does anyone know of anywhere I can find .22 LR ammo online? I've looked everywhere I've bought it in the past, but it's all out

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  • Does anyone know of anywhere I can find .22 LR ammo online? I've looked everywhere I've bought it in the past, but it's all out

    Does anyone know of anywhere I can find .22 LR ammo online? I've looked everywhere I've bought it in the past, but it's all out of stock/back-ordered. I know I should've stocked up when the ammo shortages started appearing, but I didn't think it'd get this bad, and besides, my local outdoor store always had a good supply, but when I went down there a couple of weeks ago, some idiot had just been in and had bought every last bullet they had, like 50-75 boxes worth.

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    .22 are being hoarded. I wouldn't buy any unless you really need them. Some places are selling them for .24 a piece. Nobody knows, but I would guess in about 24 months you will not be able to give them away. I talked to a guy the other day who does not hunt or shoot. He had 40,000 and was buying more. He thinks the sky is falling and will use for trading when it finally caves in. I think he is nuts.


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      Just came from Wal-Mart...lady said the line was 20 people deep at 630 for her "restocking" time at 7:00. 22 lasted through...2 people, and there is a box limit.

      Your best bet is to wait out the storm. It'll pass (most estimates have it lasting until Sept/Oct, pending further political developments). If you're desperate, you can try or other auction sites, but be warned: those 8-15 dollar bricks have been going for no less than 70-80 dollars. Depends on your needs and available funds, I guess.

      My advice: befriend your local retailers (Wal-Mart, Sporting Goods, etc) and get all the info you can on arrivals. They can't do too much for you, but it's been a help to me.

      Funny thing is I've chosen some popular calibers in recent years (9mm, 223, 22lr) for the exact purpose of widely available and varying ammo. Biting me in the ass now...when they arrive, they last less than 15 minutes everywhere in town.


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        Sells by the case at reasonable prices and has a good supply ready for shipping. I buy my ammo from them all the time.


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          it looks like things might clear up soon, too
          i just wouldn't shoot your .22 unless you're hunting or something.


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            charlie, I checked that website you recommended, and just like everywhere else I've tried, the only .22 LR in stock was a couple of specialty birdshot loads. Thanks for the idea though...
            My brother stopped at Wal-Mart, and they said their ammo sells out the same day the shipments arrive, but for some reason they wouldn't tell him what day the shipments were scheduled to be delivered. Another reason to avoid shopping at Wal-Mart I guess.


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              I'd say that is kinda crappy of WalMart not to let you know. Or zare they saving it for their buddies. This is the sort of thing that will keep this shortage going. people buying ammo they don't need and also in speculating that the price will go up more and they can sell for more.


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                I dunno. But, the best answer I heard is that the big ammo manufacturers re-tooled away from .22 lr at a most unfortunate time. My source tells me that they are back producing .22 lr, but it will take a while to fill their negative stock and then filter on down to us peeons.


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                  I think the best thing we can do is wait it out. The worst thing we can do is to buy from the greedy ammunition hoarders. We should not allow them to profit from the fact they have made this situation even worse.


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                    Good news, my brother had to stop by Wal-Mart again this morning, and he got lucky, their ammo shipment had just come in, so he was able to pick up a couple of boxes for me. Should be enough to last the summer anyway, and hopefully by fall everyone will have come to their senses.
                    I agree with 4everAutumn though, I don't think we should buy ammo second-hand from the idiots who helped cause this problem.




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