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I've dropped the thought of buying the new rifle and just thought about turning my mosin into a hunting rifle. I think I will st

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  • I've dropped the thought of buying the new rifle and just thought about turning my mosin into a hunting rifle. I think I will st

    I've dropped the thought of buying the new rifle and just thought about turning my mosin into a hunting rifle. I think I will stick with the original stock but add a scope. should I get a ler rifle scope a pistol scope a pu scope (the one the snipers actually used.) or get a regular scope? should I get a bent bolt or keep it stock? and what mount should I get? and lease tell me the make and model of the things you recommend

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    Stick with the iron sights. Your rifle doesn't have enough range to require a scope.
    -If you must get a scope get a modern hunting scope.


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      JM, I would very respectfully disagree with you on the "range" of a mosin to use a scope(although accuracy might be a concern?). Other than that I would probably also leave it as an iron sighted system, as JM advised go with a modern rifle for scoped hunting.

      If you go with a modern, I would highly recommend taking a look at the Stevens model 200 rifle. Look around and buy a used one locally to you if possible. It will probably be about the best bang for your buck.


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        I would base your decision on how accurate your rifle is with the iron sights. If you can shoot good groups without a scope then a scope might work for you. This particular 7.62 round is similar ballistically to the 308 Win from what I have read. As far as mounting a scope on a Mosin Nagant, I would have no ideas what is available for it.


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          I guess my opinion on ranges are different than yours. I am probably comfortable shooting further than most would be with iron sights so sorry for that.


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            I agree with DSM, if it shows good promise with the open sights, a scope would probably be a good investment, unless you are a much better shot with the open sights than I (and most other people, JM not included apparently!) are.


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              I found this at Brownell's: ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - MOISIN NAGANT SCOPE MOUNTING SYSTEM. About $55. It includes a modified bolt handle to accomodate your scope and instructions on exchanging the handle. Requires cutting.


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                If you search on e-Bay "there's a guy" that makes/sells scope mounts made specifically for the Mosin that requires no retro-fitting as it's attached by simply removing the pin and replacing the back sight. I believe the cost is around $45 (and free shipping) the last time I checked. You'll need to specify ring size (25mm or 30mm) as he offers both but only includes 1 set. I believe BullseyeXpress is the name of his company.




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