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you guys can read my long other post but here are the rifles I would be considering if I were to get a 30-06 the two Winchesters

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  • you guys can read my long other post but here are the rifles I would be considering if I were to get a 30-06 the two Winchesters

    you guys can read my long other post but here are the rifles I would be considering if I were to get a 30-06 the two Winchesters both the MODEL 70's that I am trying to decide between are the featherweight which has a 22" barrel a schnabel stock. it weighs in at 7lbs for the 30-06 it is a satin finish wood. the other model 70 im looking at is the sporter it has a barrel length of 24". it has a monte carlo stock with a cheek piece. (I am a righty so that may be a plus.) it is also a satin finish wood stock it weighs in at 7lbs 4oz which may help in recoil but will it be much heavier that the featherweight once you put the scope and sling on?. the other rifle I am looking at is the Browning X-bolt. the x-bolt would be in 30-06 and it has a barrel length of 22" and it weighs in at 6lbs 12oz and it is a satin finish wood stock too. which is you favorite and why. uses deer and all other big game etc. elk, moose, caribou, pronghorn, and predators like coyote's like I hunt. thanks.

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    -I challenge you to go a week or two without even thinking about buying a new firearm(trust me on this one). If anything, think about spending that money on a way to protect the ones you already own(A safe).
    -To answer your question though: You already know that I would pick the Model 70 Featherweight.


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      None of the models mentioned. Savage 116 FHSS in 300 Win Mag. Why you ask? I would want more juice for elk and moose. I would also want a rifle that doesn't shift point of aim as I traveled around the country and wood stocks more often than not will change. Going back over all these posts you still need to listen to your father's advice.


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        I've never used any of them, so the only advice I have is that the weight difference of the two Winchesters is only 4 ounces, and that will be unnoticeable in the field.


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          Remington 700 stainless in synthetic stock. Any .300 mag caliber. High quality scope like Leupold in 3x10.


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            Buy American made by Americans enuf said


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              Maybe a CZ 550 UHR should make a way into your budget? Although I would suggest you take some time and really think this over.

              Happy Hunting




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