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You Guys and Girls can read my last post about my mosin nagant 91/30 and if it is safe to shoot, but to all of you wanting a upd

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  • You Guys and Girls can read my last post about my mosin nagant 91/30 and if it is safe to shoot, but to all of you wanting a upd

    You Guys and Girls can read my last post about my mosin nagant 91/30 and if it is safe to shoot, but to all of you wanting a update on the photos of the gouges on the barrel and the rough rings i have uploaded two it wouldnt let me upload the other it said that it has exceeded the limit for the time. p.s. it shows the big gouges that we found tonight. please tell me what you think in eeither this or the other post thanks.

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    Based on the pictures I do not think you will have any problems shooting it. If I was there I wouldn't hesitate to shoot it after giving it a good cleaning.


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      Blake, if you are worried about this particular rifle take it back right away and pick out a different one. Ask the seller if you can strip it down and check it thoroughly before taking it home.


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        I'm with DSMbirddog on this one. If there is any question at all on the safety of the rifle, don't shoot it. Take it back and trade it for another one that you can thoroughly look over before you take it, or get a reputable gunsmith to look this one over.


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          I doubt Cabelas will accept a return on these guns, but it wouldn't hurt to try.


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            thanks for all of the answers in my other post I stated that I already tried to return the gun last night it came with a " 30 day warranty" the guy who we talked to at the last station ( cabelas has the look at and purchase of the rifle, the filling out stuff on a computer and the background check.) said " if you have a problem send it back and we will fix it" or something along that line. we saw a different guy when we were there last but ill get to that in a bit. first I would have liked to have seen the guy who told us that but we didn't see him there. so back to this other guy. he told us all about he gun blah blah blah.... told us how Mr. Mosin and Mr. Nagant hated each other blah blah blah..... but when it came to our concerns about the gun ( you can look at the pictures and read my description in the first picture before the picture of that guys first buck has most of the info but so does the post right below this.) he said that that's how they were made. WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT!!! I know they were made crude and fast but im afraid this will blow up in my face. ( if it did I know we would get a free gun from them and then some)so my dad thought that we should go to a gunsmith and we might soon. but...... what does that 30 day warranty mean? I don't think my dad ever got a slip but I will have to ask. but if not then what is it for?


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              The warranty as you describe it means that they will replace anything that breaks within 30 days of the purchase date. Like someone said earlier, tie a string to the trigger and step back. Do this a few times. If it blows up(Which I am now 99% sure wont happen), send it in for a replacement.


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                ok thanks
                oiled her up ( took off the cosmoline first day)
                the bolt is A LOT SMOOTHER.




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