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got the shotgun squared away gonna get a 1100 3in like my dads. since they are going from $300 to either just below or just at $

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  • got the shotgun squared away gonna get a 1100 3in like my dads. since they are going from $300 to either just below or just at $

    got the shotgun squared away gonna get a 1100 3in like my dads. since they are going from $300 to either just below or just at $400. now with the extra money ( selling my .243 Remington 700 adl synthetic. (reason: just as expensive to shoot as 30-06) .223 Remington 700 sps varmint(reason: very heavy (7.5 pounds or something might not be for you but im 13)the cartridge is less expensive but you are pretty much only able to shoot predators and varmints. I know it is legal to shoot a deer in some states with a .223 but I think it is not a humane way to take one down. also I am selling my 20ga Remington 870 express magnum youth with a 20in barrel ( shoots up to 3in shells. also I think it is an older one because even though I bought it used it looks like a new one but with ought the orange piece in the mag tube. and I have never seen magnum on the new 20ga receivers.)please leave all of your thoughts which out of these rifles do you prefer and why. if you like other rifles list hem and please say why you like it over others. also if you prefer one model of a rifle ( ex. hunter or stalker for the x-bolt or featherweight or sporter for the model 70 if you know what I mean. also it doesn't just have to be those two types of those two rifles I'm open to anything. since I'm just a kid I don't have all the money in the world but I do want a quality rifle that will last more than a lifetime.

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    Blake: This isn’t an answer to your question about the rifles, but just an opinion from a sappy old dude. The only gun related regret I have ever had was selling one of mine. Save for a bit and keep shopping for a gun that you can afford without selling any of your guns. Down the road, how cool would it be for one of your kids or grandkids to hunt with guns used by you when you were their age? My slug gun is a shotgun my grandpa owned and used. My kids and I have all shot deer with this gun. The gun I treasure the most is the .30-.30 Win that my dad bought new in 1971 and passed on to me when he was still alive. I can still remember every deer he shot with it. There is truly no amount of money I would take for this gun. When you use a gun owned by a relative, they live on as these tools are extensions of who they were. Right now, your guns are a means to get another, but down the road, they will be priceless heirlooms for your relatives to bind themselves with you. Don’t sell your guns.


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      I agree with 4everAutumn; there are a few rifles that have been passed down to me, and a few that I bought as a young kid that I would never sell(I'm only 20 and I am already glad that I didn't sell any of my childhood guns). I know it seems like it is so far away, but one day you could give that Youth 870 to your kid.
      -If you do chose to sell your rifles(I'd at least keep that Youth 870 though) I would get the X-Bolt or the Winchester 70.


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        Ok so though I should get the shotgun first then the rifle though


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          Yeah, the 1100 is a good gun.


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            ok thanks and which is better and why for you the model 70 or x-bolt also for what I am doing what type of the m70 or x-bolt should I get.


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              I agree with 4everAutumn, I wouldn't sell your guns unless I had to. I definitely wouldn't sell the 700 SPS Varmint just because it's too heavy, since you're only going to be getting bigger and stronger physically from now on. 300-400 is a good price for the 1100, I would snap that up in an instant.


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                ok thanks guys i will have to think about the selling of the guns i probably will keep the sps varmint. but i will defently get the 1100.




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