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So I Went to gander mountain tonight and I got to hold a browning x-bolt medallion and an x-bolt hunter. I also got to hold an a

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  • So I Went to gander mountain tonight and I got to hold a browning x-bolt medallion and an x-bolt hunter. I also got to hold an a

    So I Went to gander mountain tonight and I got to hold a browning x-bolt medallion and an x-bolt hunter. I also got to hold an a-bolt. I thought the a-bolt fit better and I also I held the model 70 featherweight. And I also I held the thompson center venture and here is what I have to say the x-bolt felt like it was a very well put together gun but didnt fit as well as the a-bolt. The a-bolt felt like a tank but was also very nice . The featherweight model 70 was the smoothest bolt action I have ever felt almost like it wouldn't even clamp down on the bolt also I think it was the lightest. He also showed me the Thompson center venture . I thought that the a-bolt was a tank well this thing was like an ak it locked up so nicely. So I got the cal 30-06 but which one to get. The x-bolts I held were the medallion with a high gloss wood stock and a hunter satin wood both weren't heavy but neither were light. I thought while looking at them that the medallion would be a gun that I would feel guilty bringing in the snow. The hunter as with any wood stock you feel well I don't really want to I could bring t through the snow. The a-bolt was a stainless stalker or a regular stalker . Both were decently light. Around the same of the x-bolt. Then the model 70 was very light and also had a glossy wood stalk which could be manageable but not as well as the satin finish wood of a composit stock. The venture has a stainless steel barrel and a composite stock. P.s I am very partial to wood stocks the only three of my 7 guns are my Remington 597 which only comes in synthetic and my Remington 700 adl synthetic .243 (my first rifle) and my Remington 700 sps. Varmint. The reason for the sps varmint was because they don't have a cheaper varmint wood stock rifle. Both of those I am selling to get this new gun. I will use it mostly for coyote hunting in the mn winters and if I go some where to deer hunt friends cabin , trip, etc. or if I ever go elk hunting or other big game hunting.

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    1. Model 70
    2. Browning A-Bolt
    3. Browning X-Bolt
    4. T/C
    -Just my personal opinion. I think all 4 are great rifles.


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      Just curios why it is in that order.


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        They are all good guns, so I would choose whichever one feels the best when you're holding it. As far as the wood vs. synthetic stocks are concerned, that's really a personal thing, and you're just going to have to weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself. Personally, for a hunting rifle I believe dependability in all weather conditions is paramount, so I like synthetic stocks.




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