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Which rifle would be best for me and my daughters?? We primarily would hunt whitetail deer. I have shot several different cali

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  • pineywoods
    From what you wrote, I think you should stick with the .243. Recoil is part of shooting, and if you go for a heavier bullet or more powder, youre gonna get more recoil, Q.E.D. One cartridge that wasn't mentioned is the 6.5X55 Swede, which is a mild mannered but proven game getter, though I doubt you'll find it in a lever action. DSMbirdog is right about the 7mm08 having some kick.

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  • huntfishtrap
    There are a number of cartridges in between the .243 and .270 that have mild recoil but are plenty potent for deer. The 6mm Rem., .257 Roberts, .260 Rem, and the .25-06 all come to mind. I would say that the .25-06 would offer the best combination of terminal performance and light recoil, but really any of them would work.
    As far as a specific rifle is concerned, it might be hard to find a lever-action chambered in one of these rounds, the Browning BLR is probably your best bet, as DSM mentioned. The BLR is a pretty heavy gun though, so that might be an issue. Some good, reasonably lightweight bolt actions that you might look at would be the Weatherby Vanguard, the Savage Axis or 110, and the Winchester 700 Lightweight.
    Best of luck to you, it's always great to see women and girls getting involved in the outdoors.

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  • Savageshot
    If getting ammo will be hard stay away from that caliper, less supply means higher prices. heavier guns will help to manage recoil, also lighter loads like using 150gr instead 170 in 30-30. JM has a good point with placeing a rubber recoil pad over the stock or try a shooting vest.

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  • DSMbirddog
    The recoil of a 270 sounds like it might be a bit much for you. I believe ypou can get a 243 in a Browning BLR and maybe the 7mm-08. Both would be very good deer rifles and lever actions. Like JM if a 30-30 seemed a bit much the 7mm-08 may be stiff for you too.

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  • JM
    I know you said that you shot a .30-30 and did not like the kick, but Remington makes a "Managed-Recoil" ammunition that I think would fit you and you daughter well(According to the box it has 50% less recoil). My girlfriend used these for the first few years and I would say that she is smaller than average. She eventually got used to the kick and moved up to the regular sized loads. Another thing she did was get a soft recoil pad to replace the hard plastic one that comes with the Winchester 94.

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  • Which rifle would be best for me and my daughters?? We primarily would hunt whitetail deer. I have shot several different cali

    Which rifle would be best for me and my daughters?? We primarily would hunt whitetail deer. I have shot several different calibers and do not like the recoil of a 30-30. My 12 year old has a .243, really no recoil there. We also shoot a .357 magnum rifle, no recoil there either. We are looking to purchase my 17 year old daughter a rifle (she prefers lever action) and purchase me one. We are both average sized women. Someone recommended a 7mm-08 for me, but we have had a hard time finding rifles in that caliber. Maybe a 270? I know I can order one online, but I want to feel it and check out the weight. My husband had a Thompson Center Dream Season Venture picked out for me. He was really hoping I would like it. I thought it was too heavy. Any suggestions?



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