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So, looking to buy another firearm. Here is my question: which is better/or better in terms of use of my money. 1) another hu

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  • So, looking to buy another firearm. Here is my question: which is better/or better in terms of use of my money. 1) another hu

    So, looking to buy another firearm. Here is my question: which is better/or better in terms of use of my money. 1) another hunting rifle for guests, etc that I might take deer hunting with me 2) I have 2 pump 12 Ga, but was thinking about a 20GA semi-auto for quail hunting 3) another handgun, have 2 already. Thanks for the thoughts.

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    Without knowing more about your situation, I would just say that you should get whichever one you need the most.


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      I'd say get a handgun. With the current rise in bullets, it'd be hard to justify buying a new rifle and scope and the entire works just to plink off a box of shells and still have a few bucks in your pocket. With a handgun, get a low caliber such as a .22lr or 9mm, something not only you can shoot a ton of for a cheap cost, but teach other people basic skills and also improve your own! As for the shotguns...if anything, i'd get a 16ga.


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        Out of what you have listed I would choose the 20 gauge.


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          Personally I would think u should get one of each, cant have enough guns. What I actually would do in my situation right now is get another deer rifle, slightly different caliber than I have and likely a different action. Again, just to broaden the areas I cover. That's me though. There have been times I have bought the extra scattergun too because that is what i was most interested in. Sounds like in your case you are pretty happy with the collection, so find the best value in all categories and go for it. Value doesn't just mean money to me either, maybe its a 700 .270 but has a beautiful piece of wood compared to the red label. Or its something not a lot of people have
          like a blr 300 wsm if you will.

          Good luck and let us know, whatever it is you shouldn't be disappointed


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            well first we need to know more on what you are using it for. if you are using it for big game such as deer moose and elk i would recomend getting a rifle in 30-06 .300 win mag or 7mm (remington kimber savage winchester browning sako mossberg and other rifles are good choices.) if your using it for predator hunting but still want to shoot deer and for a few calibers even elk you could get a .243 or 30-30. if it were to be just coyote bobcat and deer go with .243 and if it is legal in your state even .223(remington kimber savage winchester browning sako mossberg and other rifles are good choices.)if you wanted to just do predator hunting get a rifle in .223 .204 .22-250 or .243 (remington kimber savage winchester browning sako mossberg and other rifles are good choices.)if you wanted to do close range shooting coyote get a .22 winmag/wmr a .17hmr or even a .22lr.(kimber mossberg remington marlin winchester savage browning and many more rifles are good choices.also for close range shooting you could even use a shotgun in .410 20ga 12ga or even a 10ga just matters how far and how dense your are and shooting distance. (remington mossberg browning winchester and itacha and benneli have good shotguns for this job.) if you want a good shotgun combo get one in 20ga or 12ga. (mossberg remington and benelli have nice combo guns.) if you want a single shot rifle shotgun combo you could buy a rossi a t/c or a h & h or H&R i forgot the name but one of those would work. if you wanted to get a shotgun for waterfowl get a 10ga or twelve for geese and a 12 or 20 for duck. (remington mossberg benneli winchester browning and berreta make good guns for this.)if you want to use it for upland game buy a 12ga 16ga 20ga 28ga or a .410.( remington mossberg browning winchester benneli itacha and berretta are good)if you want to do turkey hunting buy a 10 ga 12 ga or 20ga ( remington winchester wetherby mossberg browning berreta and benneli all have turkey guns.) if you are using it for home defense and want a rifle get something in the ar family but i will warn you ahead you had better have concreat walls or not live near other houses for a ways because if you do you will shoot the bad guy go thru your house into you neighbors and then into his.( ar15 bushmaster colt armilite century arms and many more ar brands are out there even preadator forms like rock rivers and big game ones like mossberg and remington have. ak47/ak74 kalasnikov and pretty much all other russin gun manufactures will make it the most reliable but nit accurate.) if you want a shotgun for home defense get a 12ga or a 20ga (reminggton and mossberg make the best shotguns for home defense.) if you want a pistol get a 9mm .45acp or somethin like a .380.( smith and wesson tarus remington colt browing beretta H&K sig and also simth and wesson has a pistol revolver that shoots .410 45 long colt and 45acp. while the tarus version onky shoots long colt and .410 i think) if you just wanted to plink around and hunt small game i would recomend getting a .22lr .22mag/wmr or a .17hmr ( kimber azschults or somethin like that remington ruger savage marlin browning winchester and the other millions of other rimfire companies.) if you want tto plink with a pistol or small game hunt with one i would get one in .22lr or .22mag ( walther sig H&K colt ruger and also ruger has a few .22lr/.22mag revolvers some are not leagal to own in some states though. but pretty much any pistol make has .22lr version of there big pistol.) if you just wanted to shoot trap and clays with a shotgun go and get a 20ga or a 12ga both of these have cheap target ammo.(remington mossberg browning winchester itacha ruger benneli berretta and all other shotgun makers will work.)


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              Since you already own a 12 guage, why not just use it with low base loads for quail?

              It will also be a passible gun for deer hunting, especially with the newer slug loads.

              My hunting friends have their own hunting guns.

              Keep some of that money in your pocket for use another time.


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                When upland bird hunting I usually use an over and under. I don't like spewing empties all over the habitat. In a duck blind autos are ok if you pick up your hulls. Galls me to set up for ducks in the fall and have to pickup after someone from the year before




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