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We just had to clean out my grandfather's house, and while doing so, found some old .22 LR ammo, in a box of some other stuff. T

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  • We just had to clean out my grandfather's house, and while doing so, found some old .22 LR ammo, in a box of some other stuff. T

    We just had to clean out my grandfather's house, and while doing so, found some old .22 LR ammo, in a box of some other stuff. The ammo has "HP" stamped on the head, and I've never encountered that head stamp before, any of you old-timers know what company made ammo with that stamp? I'm guessing it's at least 40-50 years old. And is it safe to shoot?

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    Federal the HP stood for High Power.
    There is an image gallery of head stamps. OL will not allow me to post a link so Google
    association of firearm and toolmark examiners image gallery. Go to Rimfire gallery and see some very interesting head stamps.
    Not too bad for an "Old Timer", eh?


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      It would be safe to try, but no guarentee it will fire.
      -I gotta add though: Are you sure you would want to shoot it? Probably not my place, but I would probably try to shoot one, and as long as it went off I would store it in a waterproof case and wait another 40-50 years to shoot it. Ammo will last a long long time as long as it is kept dry.


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        LOL/ HEY OLD TIMER''' sounds like your memory hasn;t deteriated too bad. nice job.


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          Okay, thanks guys. I've heard of Federal High Powers too, just didn't put 2 and 2 together I guess.


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            Because OL keeps rejecting my post as obscene with the gallery link I put up a post on my personal website along with links to the gallery.
            They have some really good stuff there check it out.
            Some old cartridges are collector items personally I would not shoot them. Heck the box these came in has been selling for $10-$45.
            If you shoot them you will need to clean your gun well soon. That old powder was very corrosive. In the old days a gun left uncleaned quickly developed barrel pitting.




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