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anybody interested in a rifle that cheap{$79.95)has plenty of muzzle energy and range?For kicks I bought a RUSSIAN MOSAN NAGANT

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  • anybody interested in a rifle that cheap{$79.95)has plenty of muzzle energy and range?For kicks I bought a RUSSIAN MOSAN NAGANT

    anybody interested in a rifle that cheap{$79.95)has plenty of muzzle energy and range?For kicks I bought a RUSSIAN MOSAN NAGANT 7.62X54R and started seeing how far I could shoot it,shooting offhand open sights it was pretty well dead on at three hundred yards.AT 500 yards and kentucky windage I was hitting witin 3 feet ,not bad with the strong wind minutes before tornadoes hit.

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    Took a doe with mine last year at 177 yards using the Brown Bear 203 grains softpoints...dropped where she stood. I have scoped mine, put in a Timney trigger (has a great safety on it), got a $59 bent bolt job on ebay (thanks Sam Shepherd) and a fiberglass stock too. It's been a fun project and has plenty for deer or black bear.


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      Were did you guys pick up the rifles? For that price you caught my attention.


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        It is one odd ball cartridge by our standards. Certainly, the strange contour of the case would be of immediate notice. I have owned and fired quite a few rounds from this Russian military gun. I had it in the shorten carbine model. The longer version is an ungainly thing ...butt ugly in my opinion. The rifles shoot alright but are from from the quality of their counterparts used by the Allies in either of the Great War. They were knocked off in tough circumstances and I was nervous firing the rifle at first. For me it was a novelty that soon lost its appeal. The 6,5 X 55 Swedish mauser 95 has a bolt that is likely no stronger than the Nagat but it a much finer rifle. Of course, the old bolt action Springfield 30-06, Mauser 98 and the .303 are stronger and head and shoulders above this old Russian war horse. The former rifles found a following in the sporting community that has pretty high expectations of our firearms. I guess I am saying that you get what you pay for and in this case it is not much compared to what else is available. Sure buy one if you want something cheap and different but don't kid yourself into thinking it is anything relatively special.


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          As I have seen on TOP GUNS on History channel, it looks as if the NAGANT has a very tight bolt making it hard to extract shells smoothly and quickly. Is this your experience with your own personal ones as well??


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            Officerdom1987-- I can't recall having that problem with the one that I had nor the one my brother purchased at the same time. If I buy any such surplus rifle in the future, I will check the headspace before blasting away. I have had a case blow out in the past and recall counting my numb fingers to make sure they were all there.


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              local sporting gun store bardstown,ky, I told a friend aboot it in ILLINOIS and he said they had them there also.LOL ,I never meant to compare them to better rifles ,but it was fun to shoot and I'M always trying to shoot different rifles at diffucult ranges.




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