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Value of a Ruger Single Six Old Model .22, Flatgate. Manufactured August 1954. Serial #1995. Has orginal everything including bo

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  • Value of a Ruger Single Six Old Model .22, Flatgate. Manufactured August 1954. Serial #1995. Has orginal everything including bo

    Value of a Ruger Single Six Old Model .22, Flatgate. Manufactured August 1954. Serial #1995. Has orginal everything including box, gun wrapping paper, black grips, original purchase reciept, etc. Has transfer bar installed, but original parts returned by Ruger. Second owner. Shot very little. Safe Queen. Revolver looks like new, no wear, rust, etc. Even have Super X .22 ammo in original boxes from late 50's and 60's. Collector grade.

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    One in "80% Condition" without the original box or anything soldfor 450$ according to Cabelas website, so yours should be worth considerably more. As for the ammunition I do not think it in itself is worth anything, but maybe as a bundle sell it would up the price a bit.


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      JM1993, there are plenty of ammo collectors who will pay good money for vintage ammo in orginal packaging.
      As for the value of your wheelgun,I couldnt offer a reliable answer as Im not familiar with a model that old.


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        I tried searching the Internet for value, but couldn't come up with anything substantial for value.
        You can try for value.
        Try writing the NRA. They have a section in their American Rifleman magazine that is labeled 'I Have This Old Gun'. I am sure the NRA would be interested in what you have. They probably would do a write up in their 'I Have This Old Gun' about your Ruger seeing on how you have the original box, gun wrapping paper, black grips, original purchase receipt, etcetera.
        The only thing I could see hurting the value of the gun is it having the transfer bar. But you say that you have the original parts to bring it to its original condition which is good. A competent gunsmith should be able to restore the gun to its original state. I don't know if Ruger would restore the gun seeing on how it is a safety upgrade, but who knows Ruger probably would do it.
        The ammo has a value to it. There's people out there who buy, sell and collect old ammo boxes and ammo.
        Nice gun with extras that you have. I wouldn't sell it.


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          A great condition, 95% plus, with no box sold for $770 on Gunbroker about six months ago. It may still be viewable in their advanced search of completed auctions. Since, that sale, as part of a 95% plus collection of single sixes sold, they have gone up. I paid $370 for a beater flatgate and $350 for an 80%er, no boxes, no papers. The box adds hundreds to the original gun. The grips alone sell for $200. The package you describe could sell in an online auction for more than $1000; could approach $1200. I would pay $1000 for it today. So there you have it; what a willing buyer would pay a willing seller.




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