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When shooting from an enlosed blind with the barrel equal distance through the opening,which has higher decibels, a semi-automat

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  • When shooting from an enlosed blind with the barrel equal distance through the opening,which has higher decibels, a semi-automat

    When shooting from an enlosed blind with the barrel equal distance through the opening,which has higher decibels, a semi-automatic rifle or a bolt-action rifle. All other factors equal.

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    The action of the rifle isn't going to dictate or be a factor with the number of decibels inside of the enclosed blind. What is going to be a factor is the caliber of bullet being fired, as well as the load contained within the bullet (how many grains?)

    Ex: A .30-30 cartidge fired from a bolt-action rifle isn't going to necessarily be significantly more or less loud than if that same cartridge were fired from a semi-auto or single shot rifle.

    The overall construction of the rifle and barrel itself may be a factor in determining if the shot being fired has more or less volume, but again, I don't believe the action of the rifle is going to be a determining factor in that measurement.


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      All other factors being equal, I would assume that if you are using a gas operated semi auto, the decibals would be lower if only by a very small fraction due to the diversion of some gas from the muzzle to the gas tube. Where as the bolt action will force all the gas out the end of the barrel, but then you have to consider if a muzzle brake is being used the shape of the muzzle brake may direct the gases to the sides,which will increase the decibal level for the shooter.


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        I concur with what 23 says... but without the use of an SPL meter in the enclosed blind, as he has mentioned as well, I really doubt it would be anything significant or even noticeable.

        I would take a guess that the construction and overall quality of the firearm that the cartidge is being fired from would be a more significant factor as far as decibel leve is concerned rather than the action of the firearm. My two pennies.


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          Just how much ammo are you planning on blasting out of that hunting blind? I would venture that any difference in report would be relatively insignificant. So, unless you foresee multiplying that small margin by full ammo clips I don't imagine your hearing will suffer any consequences.
          Don't get me wrong, I have been known to empty the rifle before the game is on the ground and not had a clue as to how many rounds have been fired. That is fine by me. I just don't think you should be worrying about something so small when it could take your focus off the task at hand. I would rather face some ringing in my ears than risk MISSING because my attention was elsewhere.




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