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how many of you use/own "military style" rifle? i just shoot the old style ones with iron sights and lever/bolt action. btw, whi

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  • how many of you use/own "military style" rifle? i just shoot the old style ones with iron sights and lever/bolt action. btw, whi

    how many of you use/own "military style" rifle? i just shoot the old style ones with iron sights and lever/bolt action. btw, while hunting (in any weather) has your semi ever jammed? if so what gun?

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    i use open sights in tight cover,i owned a remmington 7 400 that jammed so i switched to the pump no problems last 15 years


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      I owned a 7400 but it never jammed on me. My niece has it now in WI and it has been no problem for her.


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        The only time i have ever had a problem with a remington is when shooting light loads from the 11-87. Funny story is that all the practice ejecting came in handy during thunderchicken season. I pulled the trigger and "click". A quick work of the action and, if i do say so myself, an awsome shot dropped that gobbler with one working shell.


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          A Remington Semi in 30-06 is one of the prized rifles owned by my family. It was my father's rifle and accounted for more game than all the other rifles in the family combined. He used the rifle in all manner of weather and in Alberta that involves some extremes in temperature. He would thoroughly clean the '06 of oil and use graphite when the temperature would be in the minus 30 F and colder. It never failed him once he had treated the rifle in this manner. Perhaps, some of the newer lubricates that claim to be the ultimate would accomplish the same? I would be very surprised to have my M1A fail me in cold conditions if properly cleaned. As to your comment regarding military rifles scores of the .303 British bolt action take game every year in my part of the world. The Germans often thought they were under fire from automatic weapons when fired upon by a many Lee Enfields. They could empty that 10 round clip regardless of the mud and ice lightning fast. It was the AK of its era in terms of reliability and a damn sight more accurate. I own more expensive and precise firearms but none that I treasure more than the .303 Jungle Carbine that was my first big game rifle.


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            In ALL fair to REMMINGTON,THE SEMI 7400 I was shooting while using 220 grian ammo,the ejector slide would get a nick and cause the jam.,after some filing it would shoot ok until it nicked again.Now with the pump I shoot 165. grain only and leave the heavier rounds to a Springfield bolt. I also agree with KODY on the 303. ENFIELD ,I gave one to my late brother when we were kids and I became familiar with the sound of his rifle"s report which most often was only once.


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              I've gone deer hunting with a variety of rifles and shotguns. Would you believe that one of my favorites was the M1 Carbine? Small ammo, but legal at the time (I don't know about now).

              I took one whitetail that appeared to be around 300-yards away, so I clicked the rear sight to its rear-most position (300-yards) and fired. Downed it, but didn't kill it, with the first shot.

              Was a nice trophy, and excellent eating.


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                addendum to the below post: my M1 Carbine never jammed, and I put a LOT of ammo through it over the years.


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                  I own and love a M1898 Krag carbine- (family heirloom) It is one of the smoothest bolt actions you will ever handle- well balanced- easy on the shoulder- never jammed- The rear sight was taken off and I installed a Williams receiver sight(with late 50ish eyes it is easier to aim) For decent range deer- hog etc- works fine for me- just ammunition gets scarce now and then- soon as I retire and stop moving every couple years (Dept of Defense) I plan to start reloading again. Must take good care of it to pass on the grand kids. Some things just get better with age.




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