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Please clear this up once and for all. How often is it necessary to clean a firearm? I have had so many different answers to t

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  • Please clear this up once and for all. How often is it necessary to clean a firearm? I have had so many different answers to t

    Please clear this up once and for all. How often is it necessary to clean a firearm? I have had so many different answers to this question that I am confused. Please advise. Thanks.

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    The biggest factor is the environment that you have the guns in. If you are hunting, shooting or live in an area that is wet and humid you should clean your guns--or at least apply a protective layer of corrosion resistance--after every use.

    Other than that, it is up to you. Some guys I know clean their rifles once a season and that's it. I prefer to maintain my equipment a bit more regularly. If the performance of a firearm starts to degrade a good cleaning can do wonders.

    Lastly, some firearms require more cleaning than others. I have some nice shotguns that I wouldn't put away without cleaning them from butt to muzzle--but I also own polymer-framed pistols that hardly ever see a bore brush. So, ultimately, it just depends.


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      You should be sure to at least clean the bore well every time you use it. You can get by with a less thorough cleaning of the other parts as long as they are protected from corrosion. John B.Snow made a good point about the environment, because down here on the Gulf Coast, the salt atmosphere is highly corrosive and makes it necessary to keep a close eye on the condition of your firearms.


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        if you have the time to shoot ,then finding the time to run rod is no problem unless your just lazy.IT'S YOUR WEAPON NOT MINE.


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          Mine get oiled at the end of everyday. The bores are cleaned after a day at the range or at the end of the season. My shotguns get the bore swabbed every evening after the hunt.


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            I would say if it is a brand new gun, shoot it a few times before cleaning it. I was told this is kind of like breaking in the gun or more or less getting the parts working properly and removing any burrs. If it is going to sit for any length of time, clean it. And dont leave it in a vehicle over night that is one of the best ways to get rust, and if you can't resist that, make sure it is well oiled.




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