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I have a 6yr old boy who in the last 6 months has been target shooting with a BB gun. He is right handed in all his daily activ

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  • yungdeerslayer
    the only thing wrong with left handed shooting is that the guns cost about 200$ or more than a right handed gun but i'm left handed and shoot right handed guns it doesn't really matter.

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  • bhelgenberger
    Thanks for all of your input. That pretty much solves the questions I had. I will take and get him familiarized with the switch.

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  • Cgull
    let him shoot right and left, then see what arm/eye he is comfortable with. I practice with both arms and have since I can remember. If I injure one arm the other is ready to take over.

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  • charlie elk
    Get him shooting left handed now for all the reasons listed in Brian and John's posts. In the long run you and he will be glad you did.
    My daughter shoots left handed there is no shame in it.

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  • Brian Lynn
    Ditto to what John said. I'm left-eye dominant (don't ask which hand I use in daily life; it depends upon the task) but shoot right handed. Switch him up now while he's young and the muscle memory doesn't have to be relearned.

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  • John B. Snow
    Forget the eye patch—if your son is left-eyed dominant you absolutely want to teach him to shoot left handed.

    Think about it this way: Shooting "lefty" means that your son's dominant (right) hand is going to be the lead hand on his rifle or shotgun. That's the hand that really does the work when aiming at a bull or tracking a clay in flight. It's actually preferable.

    If it makes you feel any better, my 7-year-old son, who is a competitive BB gun shooter, is in the same boat, as am I for that matter. We're both cross-eye dominant and shooting with the opposite hand doesn't hold either of us back a bit.

    There's no downside to switching him up, especially at this age. Just start saving for that left-handed bolt gun now.

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  • I have a 6yr old boy who in the last 6 months has been target shooting with a BB gun. He is right handed in all his daily activ

    I have a 6yr old boy who in the last 6 months has been target shooting with a BB gun. He is right handed in all his daily activities. I discovered with him that he is LEFT eye dominant. I have him wearing a patch over his left eye and it has made a huge difference in his shooting. At his early age I am unsure of what to do. I dont want him to have to wear a patch to go hunting his whole life. Do I have him start shooting left handed while he is still learning? What are my options?



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