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I want to start reloadingsome 30-06 brass that i have but i dont have a clue what i need to get started. Im going to use friend

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  • I want to start reloadingsome 30-06 brass that i have but i dont have a clue what i need to get started. Im going to use friend

    I want to start reloadingsome 30-06 brass that i have but i dont have a clue what i need to get started. Im going to use friends vise and other tools but i need to know what componets i need as in what primers what kind of bullets and what kind of powder.Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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    I would recommend that you get a good reloading manual. It will tell you everything you need to know. I've used Hornady and Lyman manuals. I think you mean press, not vise in your question? I think you should also read about the process of reloading and how to do it safely.


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      Pay attention to what DSMbirddog says. He beat me to it. The Nosler manual gives a lot of good info, too.
      I know how you feel because I just started reloading a year or so ago and was sort of intimidated by all there was to know, but it soon began to make sense to me. Begin at the beginning and follow the steps. Just remember, the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.


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        piney and birddog have very good advise. Also,if you are able to find an experienced loader to help you along, it will greatly aid to your understanding of reloading. This helped me enormously 35 years ago.


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          I've been reloading for 15 years or so, hopefully I can shed some light on reloading for you.
          Before you reload, understand the reloading process and ballistics fully. If, you use the wrong powder or too much of one powder things will blow-up. Give reloading your undivided attention, don't be distracted while reloading, label loads with data used and when, and label everything, such as cases that have been sized and trimmed(or not); because memory will fail you when you try to remember what you did a month ago at the reloading bench.
          Start with reading a reloading manual or watch a video that explains the reloading process in its entirety. The LEE Reloading Manual is a good manual that explains a good spectrum of the reloading process. When reloading a certain manufacture's bullet use their reloading manual data, because not all bullets are created equal. As an example: When I load Sierra bullets I use their manual.
          The 30-06 takes a .308 caliber bullet. The bullets are available in various weights and styles. The primer used is a large rifle primer. The powder that is used depends on the bullet type and weight.
          There's more to reloading than what I have wrote
          and you will learn it as you go. Hopefully this information has helped you with your reloading question.




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