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Remington model 750 trigger pull in pounds

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  • Remington model 750 trigger pull in pounds

    Remington model 750 trigger pull in pounds

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    Easiest way, go to a gunsmith and ask him, he may or may not charge you depending on the guy and the kind of day he's having, etc.
    If that doesn't work, (keep in mind this next may not work)
    No. 1, unload the gun, keep the weapon pointed to the sky.
    No. 2, if you have a small spring action scale (like a small fishing scale), put one end over the trigger. While pulling on the other end slowly, have someone else look at the weight that the scale reads when it breaks. Even then you will have only a reasonable proximity of the weight of your trigger. Be careful don't scratch your gun. Obey all known safety rules regarding the handling of firearms.




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