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I heard that if you sight your rifle in at a distance of 20 yards then it will be spot on at 200 yards with no sight adjustments

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  • I heard that if you sight your rifle in at a distance of 20 yards then it will be spot on at 200 yards with no sight adjustments

    I heard that if you sight your rifle in at a distance of 20 yards then it will be spot on at 200 yards with no sight adjustments. Is this true?

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    Well that depends on the round, and typically I sight at 25 yards and check it at 100. But usually you sight so it is 1-2 inches above the bull at a close distance and then it would ideally be spot on out to 100,200, or 300 yards, all depending on what distances you plan to shoot out too and the caliber of your rifle.


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      Like Yoda said, I always sight in at 25 yards. I usally have it about an inch or two high at close range and for my caliber/load combo its very accurate out to 300+.


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        Every caliber has a different sight in point. And it will change a bunch if you change your scope mount from a low mount to a see through mount. I cannot sight in my .270 using the same parameters as I would my 7.62 or mt .30-06.
        When I am trying to zero out my gun, I shoot at 25 yds yo be sure I am even on the paper. Then I go to 50, then 100 yds. Depending on the caliber and muzzle velocity of the round that I am shooting, I may have to set up different parameters to notate on the different rounds. The 3000 fps round will have a different point of impact than the 2800 fps round. You can look up online or buy a ballistics program that you feed the data into and it can tell you where you need to be. But a scope that is 1" above line of sight will give you a different point of impact than one that is 2" or 3" above line of sight.
        The thing that makes the difference is where it crosses your line of sight. Using your parameters for my .270, what you suggest would never work. My preferred round does not cross line of sight at 20 yards (I want to say that is between 40 and 50 yards) and is dead on at 247 yards and 3" below line of sight at 296 yards because I use a 6" point blank window that Jim Carmichael was so fond of (I am too)
        You need to do some research on the round that you are using and understand that in shooting there is no one formula that fits every round...




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