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while sighting in my 1963 Remington Model 700 30.06 this year i was approached by another shooter who said "i wouldn't take that

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  • while sighting in my 1963 Remington Model 700 30.06 this year i was approached by another shooter who said "i wouldn't take that

    If you have maintained this gun properly, and have not altered the trigger, you have a gun that is as safe as any. Go to Remington site and view their T.V. responce.

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    while sighting in my 1963 Remington Model 700 30.06 this year i was approached by another shooter who said "i wouldn't take that

    while sighting in my 1963 Remington Model 700 30.06 this year i was approached by another shooter who said "i wouldn't take that rifle into the woods with me"! He was referring to the numerous reports of this model rifle being unsafe, I told him I have been hunting with it since 1985 and have never had an issue. How can I be sure that i have a SAFE Remington that I bring into camp every year?


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      I call shenanigans.

      The same statement, "I wouldn't bring THAT gun into the woods with me..." could be said about any firearm. Your Remington Model 700 isn't anymore (or less) safe than the firearm he was carrying himself.

      As mentioned previously, maintain the firearm and keep it clean and well oiled. Practice the standard (T.A.B.K) hunters safety etiquette and you'll be safer than most individuals I've had the pleasure of witnessing this hunting season.

      T...reat every firearm as if it were loaded.
      A...lways maintain muzzle control.
      B...e sure of your target and what is beyond it.

      K...eep your finger outside of the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.


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        Simple---make sure it's unloaded, put it "on" safe, pull the trigger, push the safety "off" and see if it fires (without touching the trigger again). If it works as it should, and the vast majority do, then your rifle is perfectly safe. If it dry fires, call Remington.


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          I will agree with what has been said. The primary thing is to always maintain a good feel where the gun is pointing. If you are safe there, you should not have a problem. Pineywoods had a very good suggestion.
          Remington has made great guns for many years. I love my Remington rifle. It is a 721 which predates the 700. I would not trade it for anything.
          The people who are shy of this gun are not informed. ANyone who gets their information from places like NBC, CNN, MSNBC are getting the propaganda that has been filtered many times often distorting the truth so badly the only truth in there is the meaning of the individual words.
          Some years back, I believe that it was NBC who did a hatchet job on either Chevy or GMC trucks. These trucks were exploding in accidents. The report even had video to prove it. What the reporters neglected to mention was that they planted explosive charges in the gas tanks of the different trucks and they were detonated remotely so the report was more dramatic.
          The Lamestream Media has an agenda and the truth is not in them. They are against guns of all kinds. They will say whatever to scare people away from the use of guns.


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            I agree with AMMo. The single most important aspect of gun safety is the user. Even if you have a problem with your Remington, if you follow Gun Safety Rules, such as the NRA's, you significantly reduce the chances of a tragedy.
            NRA Gun Safety Rules:
            1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
            2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
            3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until you are ready to shoot.
            Honestly, common sense and being conscientious of others and yourself trumps relying on mechanical parts every time.


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              although previous comments are are well intended I wouldn;t bet my life or someone elses on whether this weapon is as safe as it should be. Not everyone is trying to give the model 700 a [hatchet] job.More than one of our fellow contributors have had similar problems relating to the safe handling of aforementioned weapon.Remmington has developed a new safety mechanism in response to the negative feed back on the history of this safety issue.I DON'T know if the older weapons can be refitted with this new safety,possible OPTION.I'D rather be to safe than sorry.All weapons can be deadly if used improperly,and anything we can do to insure it re mains safe is ultimately in the hands of the user.


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                Nothing about the dangers of that particular firearm or a host of others amounts to much compared to the careless use of that firearm by a its owner. Hell, adjustable triggers can even pose a threat. A light trigger pull with a bare finger on a warm day at the range becomes a hazard on a cold day in the field with a gloved trigger finger.
                The Ithaca 37 allows a round to discharge upon pumping the gun and keeping your finger on the trigger. As a kid a blew a hole in the ground on one very cold November duck hunt with my Grandfather at my side. He knew immediatley what had happened, he laughed, told me to warm up my hands and complimented me on pointing the little 16 guage at the ground. My hands were so cold I had no idea my trigger finger was still depressed. I was so conditioned to never pointing the weapon at anything or anybody loaded or unloaded that this accident was low risk.

                Bo, Hello, I have been very busy recently and not contributing much to the forum. However, I have done plenty of goose hunting and have been firing my guns at the range as well. When I am working hard it is therapy! I will email you and play a little catch up!


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                  Kody, I will look forward to it.




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