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Has anyone used the Nikon Coyote Special Scope in either the 3-9x40 or the 4.5-14x40? How did it shoot? Would you recommend buyi

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  • Has anyone used the Nikon Coyote Special Scope in either the 3-9x40 or the 4.5-14x40? How did it shoot? Would you recommend buyi

    Has anyone used the Nikon Coyote Special Scope in either the 3-9x40 or the 4.5-14x40? How did it shoot? Would you recommend buying one? I was looking at the 4.5-14x40 model?

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    I just saw an advertisement for this scope in the latest issue of one of the many sporting mangazines I subscribe to. Looks like a promising piece of equipment from the way they've hyped it up in the ad. High-tech reticle glass courtesy of Nikon + great low-light capability.

    Interested in knowing as well if anyone has one of these?


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      I put the 4.5-14x40 on my Rem 700 220 swift. I have only called with it once and had the first dog of the season in sight at around 170 yrds and I missed. No clue to where the round hit. As the dog was running away I found that the predator recitcle was awesome at the running shots, I was kicking dust at his feet out to 300yrds. Now I blame the misses completely on my fresh out of the gate shooting for the season. Next round will have different results i promise. But overall sighting in and shooting at that one dog I really am pleased that I bought the scope.


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        Sorry to hear about your miss. Im sure you will get him next time. Would you recommend buying one?


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          I am a fan of Nikon optics, I think for the price the quality is outstanding. I have a Nikon Buckmaster with BDC on my .243 and love that scope as well. Yes I would recommend one, but also I recommend doing some shoppping, I think I gave $289 for my Coyote special with free shipping on E-bay.


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            I have a friend who used that same Nikon scope to compete in the World Coyote Hunting Championship in Nevada less then 2 weeks ago. It is a team competition and both he and his partner use the Nikon Coyote SPecial scope. Neither are sponsored by Nikon, they use it by CHOICE. They ended up taking second place in the World just because of their time. Pretty good endorsement if you ask me.
            I have one I am just waitng to get my .243 back so I can get the scope mounted and dialed in. Check out, then click on the SPot On logo, this site will give you all the information you will need on correctly using the BDC circles found on this scope.


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              I have owned several Nikon scopes as well as Weavers, Redfields, and Bushnells and although I have not owned this particular model I have found every Nikon that I have used to be exceptionally clear and precise. In my opinion Nikon scopes are the best value on the market.




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