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I pick up all of my brass and shotshells after each shooting session and have accumulated a pretty large collection of each. Eve

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  • I pick up all of my brass and shotshells after each shooting session and have accumulated a pretty large collection of each. Eve

    I pick up all of my brass and shotshells after each shooting session and have accumulated a pretty large collection of each. Eventually I plan to start reloading but do not have the time or equipment to begin right now. Is there any place that will buy/take them so that they are not sitting around the house anymore?

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    Scrap metal dealers that purchase brass for recyling will take them.They pay by the pound usually,but I dont think they will take the shotgun shells.


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      Here is a site that will buy brass: I've never sold any brass to this place. I keep my brass, because I reload. Like Bigjake mentions a scrap metal dealer/salvage yard will take brass and pay by the pound; they might also take the shotgun shells under the heading of 'dirty brass'. It would be a shame to trash the brass. There is online auction sites that auction off brass, eBay use to do it, you should be able to get more money for it in an auction than the scrap yard.
      A quick thanks for picking up your spent cartridges. Nothing worse than seeing a bunch of spent rounds laying around, especially out in nature. Most ranges ask that a shooter police their rounds after shooting. Some people police their rounds, some don't. I'll pick up brass people leave behind. In a way it is like throwing money away. Plus it cleans up the area, double bonus. Who knows, maybe the brass that I find at the range I will buy a gun that fires that caliber and reload for it.
      I might be interested in the brass that you have. What caliber are they in?


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        They are 22/250 brass cartridges. You have both been a great help, thanks so much!


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          Ilstate12... I don't own a 22-250, so I won't be interested in the brass :-(
          Save your brass and reload it. I know you say you don't have time to reload, but you could do a little bit each time and after a while you will have a reloaded round. One hundred new unprimed 22-250 cases will run $39.00 without shipping cost. You can save yourself a lot of money reloading your own ammo plus tailor it to your rifle.




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