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What is the best bullet to use with a lower caliber rifle like the 7/08 to hunt elk? Please recommend bullet and weight. I am

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  • What is the best bullet to use with a lower caliber rifle like the 7/08 to hunt elk? Please recommend bullet and weight. I am

    What is the best bullet to use with a lower caliber rifle like the 7/08 to hunt elk? Please recommend bullet and weight. I am looking at the Remington boat tail, Winchester Supreme Ballasitic Silvertip, the Swift A-Frame, the Spire Point, the Speer Grand Slam, the Nosler Partition and the Barnes TSX.

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    I would purchase some premium factory ammo in Remington (140grain Swift A-Frame); Federal (140grain Barnes TSX & Nosler Partion) then go to the range several times to see which load your rifle shoots the best. If you reload, you can even try 160 grain bullets if you prefer a heavier bullet.

    Focus on keeping your shots at 300 yards or less as I feel that is the best maxium distance for the 7mm-08 on elk (yeah, yeah, I know, somebody out there knows of their aunt's-uncles's best friend's cousin who annually kills their elk with a .22 cal Derringer at 1000 yards while blindfolded) Trust me, elk are tough so use tough bullets and enough gun at resonable and ethical distances. 300 yards and under with a 7mm-08 is plenty of medicine for elk.

    I personally like the Swift A-Frame because it opens/mushrooms wide thus creating a good wound channel, it maintains over 95% of its weight upon impact, and it penetrates nearly as good as the Barnes TSX. The partition can do the job too.

    This past fall I used a 180 grain Swift Scirocco II in a 30-06. I shot a cow elk at 150 yards through the left shoulder which exited out the right side. She made about 4 steps before falling dead.

    Finally, I once shot a bull elk (5x5 raghorn)with my 7x57mm which is very similar to your 7mm-08. The shot was around 225 yards across the narrow end of a canyon. The 140 grain Partion entered through the left side destroying the lungs of the young bull. He made it roughly 25 yards side-hilling before dying.

    You can't go wrong with the Swift, Barnes or Nosler products! Good hunting.


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      I don’t have a lot of experience with the 7mm-08 but for my money on elk size game you can’t beat the Trophy Bonded Tip bullet in the Vital Shock line of ammunition by Federal Premium. That brand of bullet has been very accurate in the rifles I have used it in and has always been known for its weight retention and all around toughness. The Federal Premium line of ammunition seems to be very consistent and reliable no matter the caliber.


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        I would go with the remington ammo, because you can go wrong with remington. I don't know anything about the 7mm-08 but I would try to get atleast a 150 to 180 grain bullet if you can.


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          I shoot Winchester Silvertips in all of my rifles and have never been disapointed.


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            7mm-08 is ballistically optimal around 160-165gr. If it were me, I'd probably find out what was available in that range, and pick the Nosler Partition if available




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