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I have two kids 10 and 12 yrd old. I am interested in teaching them how to shoot with rifles. What is the best technic and rif

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  • I have two kids 10 and 12 yrd old. I am interested in teaching them how to shoot with rifles. What is the best technic and rif

    I have two kids 10 and 12 yrd old. I am interested in teaching them how to shoot with rifles. What is the best technic and rifles to use? any suggestions?

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    Something that they can have fun with is always good, so a .22 is great for plinking and target shooting while learning who to shoot or refining your marksmanship. They are also relatively inexpensive in comparison with big bore rifles.


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      I have a .22,and it's an awesomely fun gun.But they shouldn't shoot a .22 forever,otherwise they'll be big gun shy.


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        Ha Ha Yoda. Awesome answer if the kids are going into law enforcement! "while learning who to shoot." I know it's probably a typo, but just caught me as funny.


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          The .22 caliber is the right starting rifle for sure. I would add that it makes more sense in terms of safety and educating an inexperienced shooter to use a bolt action rifle as opposed to a semi-automatic. One shot at a time with focus builds rifleman, not emptying the clip in the vicinity of the target. I would also suggest starting with an open sight as opposed to a scope. Ranges for a .22 don't require a scope nor do the eyes of a young shooter. Try to buy the best quality .22 you can afford as an accurate rifle is always of interest and worth owning for a lifetime. Of course it is worth mentioning that the ammunition for a .22 is so inexpensive it is the undisputed champion for a practice firearm and the obvious choice for a first firearm. CZ, Browning, Ruger, Remington, Weatherby and Savage make bolt action .22. The Weatherby Browning and CZ are especially accurate and fine looking rifles. The Savage is good value though not dressed up as well. Lots of choices so take your time and have some fun in the choosing.


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            22LR is great but depending on the availability of ranges in your area, I would suggest you invest in a good quality .177 pellet rifle matched in size and weight to a centerfire. All of the basics such as positions, slings, breathing and trigger control are exactly the same shooting 10 meter airgun with the bonus of being able to set up a safe year round range in most anyone's basement, garage, or back yard. Regular practice is the key to mastery and you will get a lot more shooting done if the gun range is literally steps away. Issues such as recoil and muzzle blast are relatively easy to overcome when you take the kids out to shoot the "real guns" once they are proficient with an air rifle. (As someone noted previously, stick to iron sights only!)


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              .22 is a class but I've got a .17HMR that is amazing. I would recommend a quality bolt action as mentioned above, and don't worry about optics yet, maybe on the next gun they shoot that is a little bigger.


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                woops missed that, lol yeah i meant how not who.


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                  Go with a rifle that shoots .22 Long Rifle ammunition or a rifle that shoots .22 Short, Long, and Long Rifle ammunition. You'll find semi-automatics come in .22 Long Rifle only due to the other .22 ammo isn't powerful enough to cycle the bolt. Most bolt action .22 rifles can shoot short, long, and long rifle ammo.

                  Bolt and semi-auto actions have their merits. Bolt guns need to be cycled by the shooter whereas semi-autos cycle themselves. I would say it is a personal preference on what action you want to use.
                  A good technique to start with would be casual plinking to introduce them to safe gun handling and how to operate a gun. Using iron sights are a good start over a scope. You get to see the full picture of what is around you versus looking through a scope with a limited field of view.

                  My son, who was 4 years old this summer, started shooting a Ruger 10/22. We did one pull of the trigger shots and we did empty the magazine shooting. He had a lot of fun shooting one shot at a time and a whole lot more fun emptying the magazine. After emptying the magazine he would look at me with a giant smile on his face and say "That was fun!" You guys know how much fun it is emptying a magazine, don't tell me you don't have fun doing that.
                  Shooting should be a fun, relaxing time; not a grueling exercise. No matter what age or how many years you have been shooting emphasize safety around guns and shooting them.
                  Be safe out there shooting and in the woods. Good luck and good hunting to all who will be hunting this year.


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                    You can't beat a .22 LR for teaching youngun's how to shoot. The cost per round is still (in this day of crazy inflation) less than 3 cents a round. And handling recoil is best taught with none--IMHO, the most common shooting problem is flinching to anticipate recoil--the .22 has virtually no recoil--that develops good shooting habits.


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                      Francisco: 'Cody' noted above about says it all in my opinion, along with a number of these other gentlemen.

                      I would add, and reiterate to you and your sons, SAFETY, SAFETY, AND SAFETY SOME MORE..!!!

                      Have them take a complete and authenicated firearm safety course from the most reputable shooting organization you can find. I mean it, don't compromise on this most important point in the shooting sports.

                      And, caution these young lads to be very selective in their same age companions as they are in all probability going to want to share their new found shooting interests with their buddies.

                      When the guns are not in use, ammo and firearm separation plus lockable gun storage with you having the only key due to their young ages, need to be front and center on the agenda too.

                      There's too many needless tragedies from careless gun handling and thoughtless usage to overlook the #1 consideration...'SAFETY'!

                      Good Luck Dad, & enjoy the shooting sports with your beloved sons.




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