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I'm considering buying a used Browning BAR .270. It's the base model. It has some scratches on the wood, but no more than one w

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  • I'm considering buying a used Browning BAR .270. It's the base model. It has some scratches on the wood, but no more than one w

    I'm considering buying a used Browning BAR .270. It's the base model. It has some scratches on the wood, but no more than one would expect from a used hunting rifle. The problem is with the metal. On one side it looks as if someone took a screw driver and made lateral scratches deep into the metal. It detracts from the gun. The rest of the metal is clean. My guess is that it might cost in the neighorhood of $200 to have it reblued. It's a consignment gun and the local gun shop dealer is asking $575. Is that a fair price considering the condition of the gun; is it worth rebluing or should I just pass? It comes with an older Bushnell 3x9x40 scope. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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    I think 575 is too much for even browning if the barrel has scars. Spend 600 and buy a custom Savage built by ER Shaw or just a decent Savage in the caliber you like.


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      Definitely pass it up.


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        To echo everyone else's opinion, I too would pass. That much money could buy you an really, really high quality rifle. I would pass it up. No rifle that's that beat up and needs that much work is not worth $775.


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          It's not that its beat up, but more that the scratch in the metal on the side of the gun are very noticable and are not going away. Other than what I said about the wood, everything else seems fine. I think however that you may be right that the money spent on this gun, even if nothing was done to get rid of the scratch marks could be better used on a new gun. Thanks


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            As much as I like Brownings, I would not buy that one. Too beat up on the outside makes me wonder if it is mechanically sound or not.


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              I'm imagining this huge crevis the length of the barrel. If it's minor and the gun will shoot it might be worth consideration - if you don't mind the scratch - but not at that price. Make a low offer and leave your info with the dealer. The consigner may eventually come down to your price if it sits on the shelf long enough. If you buy it, don't plan on getting your money back.


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                My price for a new
                Browning BAR Lightweight Stalker Open Sights 22" Barrel, 270 Winchester, With Sights

                Cash Price (Open Account / ACH)
                All Others
                MSRP $1,119.00

                Due to the use and the especially abuse, PASS!




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