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When using copper ammunition, do you have to take extra care of the barrel? I know some say Barnes Bullets leaves lots of copper

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  • When using copper ammunition, do you have to take extra care of the barrel? I know some say Barnes Bullets leaves lots of copper

    When using copper ammunition, do you have to take extra care of the barrel? I know some say Barnes Bullets leaves lots of copper fouling.

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    well almost ammunition has copper on it. barnes bullets used to leave lots of copper reisude but now they dont as they have the rings on them(that also reduces pressure). but if you have a bullet with lots of copper fouling you can get special liquids and cleaners that remove the copper and keep the bore of your rifle clean


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      Defnately..about every 100 rds or so I use Hoppes to get rid of the copper fouling...If you don't get the copper out it will build up, be absolute heck to get rid of and you will start losing accuracy..your groups will spread


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        The Barnes manual is my source of information and as I recall the key is to start with a clean barrel prior to using copper bullets. If you have fired conventional rounds through your rifle you need to strip that copper residue out of the barrel with any of the products on the market design to do so. Otherwise, the harder copper residue will pull more of the softer copper from the Barnes round which will quickly affect accuracy by further fouling the barrel. The issue I have with the Barnes total copper bullets is that I like the option of using other bullet types in my rifle. Unfortunately, once you choose to use the soft copper rounds you are choosing to use nothing but.. sure I could switch back and forth but I am too lazy to clean the barrel with each switch. So, you get a terrific killing round but are denied routinely firing other bullets. If you like to get in lots of practice at the range with that particular rifle you will flinch with every expensive copper round wasted on a target. I would be curious to see how factory bullets firing Barnes copper rounds perform on a variety of rifles. I was able to tailor my loads with Barnes bullets to a acceptable level of accuracy but it did take some experimenting to get it right. They are quite an elongated round. A 140 gr Triple X Barnes in 7 MM is about the same length as a conventional 175 gr bullet. Therefore, in a 7mm-08 or a 7 MM Mauser you will lose some powder capacity as the bullet will have to seat deeper into the case, otherwise you risk engaging the rifling. I chose the 140 gr Barnes for my 7MM Mauser because it suited the chamber of my rifle which has a very long throat. I was able to seat this bullet long, increase powder capacity in the case while placing my bullet just thousands of an inch off the rifling. This procedure diminishes the barrel erosion that results when a bullet has a sizable jump before engaging the rifling. Most rifles shoot better with the bullet just off the rifling as well. The Barnes is the right bullet, in fact a great bullet, for this gun so I am prepared to ignore any inconveniences. You may not be so willing.


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          i agree the barnes bullets are fantastic. i will only shoot them for my hunting round. its abosuloteyly incredible the performance from them expansion retained weight and ballistics are top notch. the pros greatly outweigh the cons




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