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I know this may sound like a stupid question but I'm gonna ask anyway.... Why is a bolt action rifle more accurate than a lever

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  • I know this may sound like a stupid question but I'm gonna ask anyway.... Why is a bolt action rifle more accurate than a lever

    I know this may sound like a stupid question but I'm gonna ask anyway.... Why is a bolt action rifle more accurate than a lever action????

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    it is due to the barrel length and the rifleing twist.


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      It also has to do with the fact that the ammo for lever actions is usually flat nosed so that it doesn't go off in the magazine. This reduces accuracy and range of the lever. With the new reveloution ammo from hornady it has increased accuracy.


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        Multiple reasons: Bolt actions tend to have much better triggers (lighter weight, crisper, etc.) which lend themselves to better accuracy. Bolt actions have much faster lock time. The stock on bolt actions tend to have less drop, which leads to less felt recoil and lends itself to more accurate shooting. Bolt action stocks can be bedded to fit the action precisely, and the barrel can be free floated. There are always exceptions, as some lever guns can be very accurate, but in general bolt actions are more accurate.


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          The reason for a Bolt Actions greater accuracy are multi faceted. Here are some of them. First, almost all bolt action rifles fire spire point bullets giving the bullet less friction in flight. Bolt Actions almost always fire more potent cartridges giving the bullet flatter trajectory. (picture throwing a small rock fast as opposed to a large rock) You can throw the smaller one faster without throwing it as high. However, the biggest reason for the accuracy of the Bolt Action is it's bolts lock up in the same exact place each time. Though the bolt is next to the slowest action (other than the single shot)and has the most recoil (same)it does hold the edge in accuracy. The Browning BAR is a semi auto that will fire most all the same bullets but absorbs a lot of recoil due to it's action and has many locking lugs bringing it close to the Bolt. But the Bolt still has the edge which is why you see the Bolt used in competitions.




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