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I just purchased a new Winchester Model 70, what is the correct way to break in the barrel? Does it matter what kind of bullets

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  • I just purchased a new Winchester Model 70, what is the correct way to break in the barrel? Does it matter what kind of bullets

    I just purchased a new Winchester Model 70, what is the correct way to break in the barrel? Does it matter what kind of bullets I use?

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    You might want to contact Fabrique National. I think this is their website: and ask them how they recommend the breaking in of your Winchester Model 70 rifle barrel. Fabrique National are building the guns and Winchester Repeating Arms is the distributor.
    First thing I would do before shooting your new rifle is clean it, clean the inside of the barrel and prepare it for shooting. You never know what has happened to the rifle between the factory and into your hands.

    Depending on who you talk to in regard to breaking in a barrel, it varies about how many rounds to shoot before cleaning the barrel and how many times to repeat the procedure before reaching the final amount of shots fired. Some people fire one, three or five rounds than clean the barrel and repeat this a few times. The idea behind it is to remove any tooling marks left behind from the barrel reamer from throat to muzzle. Probably a better way to do this is to use Tubb's Final Finish abrasive-coated bullets, but you have to handload them for center-fire ammunition. There has never been a study done on the merits of breaking in a barrel versus not breaking one in. I quess it is just personal preference whether to break a barrel in or not.

    As far as the bullet type, I would use what you plan on shooting. I quess some manufactures recommend one type and not another.

    I have a Savage 110 in .270 Winchester caliber (pre-AccuTrigger). I have the 100 yard factory test target and they used Federal Premium, Nosler Ballistic Tip with a 130 grain bullet. The best three shot group is .430 inches with a overall five shot group of .955 inches. That is with a barrel that has not been broke in. To twist a qoute from Shakespeare "To break in a barrel or not, is the question."




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