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  • New Rem 1100

    Well, to me anyhow. Found a good shape, fixed choke used Rem 1100 tonight. Wood is in good shape, no cracks. Metal and bluing look really good. Date code is CW, which with the fixed choke and general feel, I took to mean April 1974 manufacturer.

    I've always liked old Remington shotguns, honestly could never hit anything with them, but still admired. Asking price was 329. Good enough for me.

    Bore is good, trigger is heavy but breaks cleanly. O ring is present, but probably needs a new one?

    Only down point for me is the choke, which is full. I'm a modified for everything guy, but like I said, I don't tend to shoot these well anyway. Might be a bunny and squirrel gun.

    Wood is really nice for a gun this age. Don't think its refi ished, but it does have a faint texture that could be sanding marks. But if so, the doer did well. The pressed checkering is good, and the buttplate and grip cap aren't scuffed or made proud. The fleur-de-lis forearm checkering would be especially hard to get around.

    Where the stock fits onto the receiver, there is a piece of fiberglass fabric embedded. Looks factory, but could be done to improve forearm fit. I don't see any cracks that this would be reinforcment for.

    Anyone have any observations? Tips?​
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    F1E0E37D-8D41-4089-86F1-3C1F89555C34.jpg My 1100’s have been with me since the’70’s. My 1100lt-20 has taken more game than I could possibly count, including pre-steel ducks, & even a couple deer. They shoot so soft. I’m also a big fan of their looks. As for the price, I would have paid double what you paid in this day and time without batting an eye.
    As for tips, keep everything under the forearm clean and go easy on the oil there. Which I’m sure you already know.
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      I thought that was a good asking price too.

      Made some dummy rounds last night, was thinking that the gun wasn't working, relating to the "strange" way the gun works. When it would lock open every time I went to charge it, I was concerned. Finally looked online, and I see it's working normally. Will try to fire it tonight to verify.

      Also appears that the shell stop carrier or whatever its called needs to be re-staked.

      So far I'm pretty satisfied.


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        Rechecked the man. codes, looks like 1972 instead of '74.
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          You have done well pilgrim.

          Asking price around here starts at $550ish for well worn specimens. Like Dewman I’d have been all over that as well.

          Guessing $329 was a business price not an individual. I need to start shopping out of state.


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            Originally posted by fitch270 View Post
            Guessing $329 was a business price not an individual. I need to start shopping out of state.
            Yeah, it was a Scheel's. Used shotguns are kind of a little sister, as Upland hunting isn't the best these days and the kids are into the black rifle stuff, So you can find some bargains. Plus, this fits nicely into the "they don't make 'em like they used to" thing I'm fond of.


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              No Scheel’s around us but there’s a Sportsman’s Warehouse along the highway to the Kid’s college. Used gun selection was limited the two times I’ve stopped in.

              There’s a new LGS in the next town about ten miles away, I might check it out this weekend.


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                "IF" you're interested in keeping the shotgun, think about sending the barrel to Briley in Houston, TX.

                It's a great way to get several chokes in older, fixed choke shotguns and leave the gun's exterior original.
                I did it to my old Remington "Sportsman" 16 gauge.
                It had an IC barrel and I wanted to hunt turkey with it.
                Now I have an "extra full" tube, one halfway between full and mod and one between mod and IC.
                The tubes are internal, so nothing to mess up the old gun's "lines".
                I love it!




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