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Aquila ammo test

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  • Aquila ammo test

    3C7E3101-1F08-465F-8222-53036511039D.jpg Tested Aquila Super Colibri (590fps), Super Extra hp (1280fps) & Interceptor (1470 fps ).
    Super Colibri (590) maybe good up to 30' 3-1/2"-4" at 25yds.
    Super Extra (1280) good to 50yds (1" or less)
    interceptor (1470) good to 50yds (1")
    Had multiple flyers in all rifles and pistols used. None broke the top 2 loads in any weapon.
    We testers would put the 2 faster rounds in the same class as bulk Winchester, Remington & Federal.
    Couple guys think the Colibri a good pairing for Heritage Rough Rider pistols.
    No failures to feed, fire, or eject. Of course the Colibri was not used in any semi auto.
    150 rounds each fired at 25 yds, 5 shot groups
    100 rounds each fired at 50 yds, 5 shot groups
    2" black shoot n sees on white cardboard.
    Last edited by dewman; 08-05-2022, 05:19 PM.

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    Curious if you’re finding this available local or online? Decent price?

    Too bad about the fliers.

    A few years ago I went through 5 bricks of this loading from them.


    Never tried it past 50’ and only used a rest for sighting purposes but it seemed to shoot well. No duds that I recall. The last three bricks I bought at a gun show for $20/ea out the door (Early Trump) The guy had cases, I should have bought more. The only issue was it shot a bit dirty. If I didn’t use a bore snake every couple weeks I’d get extraction issues. One pass would clean the chamber enough to prevent it so not really an issue. I haven’t had that problem with the Fed AutoMatch or CCI Standard however.
    Last edited by fitch270; 08-05-2022, 07:20 PM.


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      Fitch: $5 /box for the slower 2, $10 /box for interceptor.
      Is kinda dirty but I clean after every use.
      local, it's everywhere around here.
      Personally, I'd take CCI standard all day - every day over this. No one here is going to use this if there is anything else.
      Better than no shells right?


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        Cabelas had bricks of Aguila like that pictured ( I think ). Blazer was 39 bucks a brick IIRC.

        Was looking for Fiocchi HV reg. Struck out




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