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  • Reloading

    Informal poll:

    For those tha reload, what's the brand of your equipment? Do you stick to one manufacturer or mix and match?

  • #2
    Mix and match, especially since much of it came along second hand.

    RCBS press, four sets of dies, hand priming tool and lube pad.

    One set of Lee dies, Lee Perfect Powder Measure.

    Lyman Trimmer, Case Prep Tool and Tumbler.

    Frankfort Arsenal Calipers and Trickler.

    Ohaus 505 scale.

    Couple other odds and ends I can’t think of right now.


    • #3
      My motley collection has something from almost all the companies. I was thinking not Lyman, but I forgot my 30 year old tumbler. Main press is a Lee Classic Cast, because I load a lot of bigger cases. Pistol is Hornady Progressive. MEC 600 and a Lee Load all for shotgun. Hornady balance, Redding powder measure.
      Lee, Redding, RCBS (most) and Hornady dies.


      • #4
        Forgot, I recently picked up a Lee Comparator set and OAL gauge. Found the modified cases for .270 and .243 but haven’t messed with any of it. I screwed up yesterday and didn’t buy a 7mm-08 case while I was in Sportsman’s Warehouse. We’ll be back through in three weeks so I’ll be making another appearance there, I’ll kick myself silly if they don’t have any left.

        Did get a good deal on a package of UA socks. Also grabbed another Blogs shell holder and a .17 to .22 adaptor for a cleaning rod. Had to buy something…..,

        Edit; Amflyer, no auto powder dispenser for you?
        I keep looking at them but can’t justify the expense at this point.
        Last edited by fitch270; 07-29-2022, 11:38 PM.


        • #5
          None for me. I get close with a powder measure, trickle up to weight if I'm working up loads for a new rifle.

          If I'm just making loads don't worry about the variance if I'm using only a powder measure. I'm not a benchrest shooter. Even with IMR stick powders, they are good enough for practice and 99 and 44/100% of my hunting distances.

          I'm not checking the accuracy of my rifles, but trying to get all my shaky parts pointing in the same direction.

          I'm guessing you know all this abouy me already though. I go on about that stuff at the drop of a MOA.


          • #6
            I'm kinda like fitch270.
            My basic setup is secondhand, ergo, I got what the guy was trying to get rid of. (couldn't keep his pants zipped and got caught!)
            Because it was all RCBS gear, I've pretty much stayed with RCBS.
            I've got a Lee Turbo case cleaner.
            I've owned several Lee Loaders in various calibers.
            I have an antique Redding "Powder & Bullet" scale that is "oil dampened".
            Ever see one of those?
            I have a couple of MTM Case-Gard items. Really prefer their "loading block".
            The little green RCBS loading block is just too small for my old fat, crippled fingers.
            ....and of course, some MEC gear.

            Amflyer, due to my first mentor, when loading for my .270 Win, I dump short then trickle up to "load".
            When loading for my AR's (5.56/.223 - 6.8mm Rem SPC - 7.62/.308) I spend a few minutes and several dumps to make, as certain as possible, then dump and seat.

            As long as things "interchange", I don't have a problem with "mix & match".


            • #7
              My dad collected reloading gear, had over 60 presses. And there were scales, trimmers etc to go w em. Sold most of the Mec, RCBS and Lyman and Redding stuff.

              Still.have a couple herters turret presses w shell holder adapters, lee 3 die turret deal and an loadmaster. Nobody wants that stuff.

              Boxes of scales and measures. Some like new some not. Lachmiller, baer, herters etc.

              Shellholders for lyman and rcbs, some dies, moulds, lyman mag 25 furnace. Have maybe a half dozen old all american lyman oresses unrestored. Gonna fill the beater jeep and haul to scrap those lymans. Have a trunline jr restored, takes small dia dies. Nobody wants that crap.

              I run a Lyman T mag, old Ohuas scale and Lyman trimmer and 55 measure for pistol.

              All 2nd hand. Saved a ton of money.


              • #8
                I still have a dillon square deal b from the estate. Think ita 380 or 9mm. Sold both tje 650 full setups.

                Turret press is what i like. Leave a set for pistol and rifle in it and its always ready ( .44 mag and
                243 ). If I wanted to do more pistol id get a minty Spar T lyman for that ( and leave set up w whatevrr ).


                • #9
                  He sold.used and new reloading gear, brass n bullets for decades. So i got boxes of misc small crap to go through.


                  • #10
                    Been cleaning up a Dillon Square Deal B in .380 from the estate.
                    Proly order a new powder tube as the orig not the best looking.
                    Kind of a neat gizmo, could convert to .357 or .44......but don't shoot enough to justify that.

                    Other item cleaned today, a Ransom rest on windage base....on alum plate.....on a board.

                    I need to zero my Contender .22 mag and Old Model .44 Ruger.....and have the adapters for those (and a few others).
                    But my little Jeep Renegade aint big enough to haul it LOL
                    The rear seats don't fold flat.
                    Kind of a bummer.




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