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Ammo tax? Good luck New York.

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  • Ammo tax? Good luck New York.

    image_3193.jpg Hasn't happened yet , but. Other states are watching. Before you trumpet "unconstitutional " remember Pittman-Robertson.
    Last edited by dewman; 03-08-2022, 03:09 PM.

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    Try and find out just where the proceeds of the tax will go and who will they benefit?


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      Article spells out exactly where the $$$ is to go and for what purpose


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        I’ll remain cautiously optimistic that this fails again. Every year at budget time these bills pop up, get some press then disappear. You may recall me anxiously following the lead ammo ban last year. That one’s back up again as well. Sometimes you get the feeling some lawmakers make a career out of putting up legislation just for the sake of looking like they’re active. Current circumstances I don’t see any of this happening, especially with fallen Prince Andy in exile but you never know.

        PS; Dewman, I’m in good shape at present but I also have a little 22 rimfire for trade material.
        Last edited by fitch270; 03-08-2022, 03:24 PM.




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