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    LGS had HKP30L w safety so I got it (and put my non safety model on consign- im into it right so it'll proly be gone inside a week).
    So then I saw the new 10mm Smith M&P.
    Optics cut. Could deer hunt.

    So went to get my 90s era Combat Commander .45.
    Always hated the colt funky rear (like a novak w bigger blade- slide notched w small dovetail).

    Now I love the gun, as its been flawless, has great trigger and shoots dead on.

    I just couldn't dump a steel gun for a plastic one.
    Looked online at Dan Wesson 1911.

    Razorback only has fixed sights. Dangit.
    I want a 5" gov model w Bomar rear in 10mm.

    If I can score a mid level or better one, I'd dump my Colt (used they fetch over a K on GB).

    Or just see if a nationally known smith not far away, can machine mine for bomar.
    Then Id keep it and get the M&P10mm.

    So............I need an 870 special field 20 ga and a 10mm 1911 and I'm done.
    Seriously. Done. And I have a couple other rigs I could get rid of.

    Wind and post covid stuff, so we didn't do the family range day like hoped.
    Middle down w reg flu, me and shorty battled POTS last night.
    She has it worse, due to genetic disorder.
    I got it from covid.

    Postural OrthostatIc Tachycardia.
    Mine should go away, hers never will.


    • #47
      The Ruger sr1911 in 10mm might do.
      Its not a higher level gun though.
      Saw where barrel lugs cracked on some.
      Price has jumped on em, and availability is crap.
      Of course.


      • #48
        Just bought some sinkers, hooks, and worms today. That's about all I'll do for new equipment this year.


        • #49
          I just placed an order with Midway; some copper cleaners and Dyna-Tech Bore Coat, a Primos turkey choke for my daughter and another Bushnell TRS-25. Couldn’t pass up the Bushy, they’re on sale for 69.99 and Bushnell has a $30 rebate going on. I’d wanted to up my game a bit with another red dot but these are a known commodity to me so for $40ish bucks I’ll run it on my S&W for awhile and have a spare for the turkey rigs should one of them go down.

          Still thinking about one of those Teslong bore scopes too.


          • #50
            Somebody ordered an HK SL8. Guess they were gonna have it remade into a G36 clone, but then found one already done. So its on consign at LGS.

            Ugly and expensive........supposed to shoot well
            Have to dump another 750 for stock and grip mod, and still condemned to single stack mag.





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