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Thinking 10mm 1911

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  • Thinking 10mm 1911

    Long slide w optic cut would cool, but for more general, might go Gov model.
    May just start w a Ruger 1911.

    See where S&W makes a Polymer 4 and 4.6" w optic cut (Non 1911).
    Striker fired.

    Man I wish H&K did a P30LS in 10mm.

    Been shooting my Buckmark w reflex. Its sooooooo easy to make hits to 50 yards.
    Yank my &^%$# bifocals off and just shoot.

    And hit.

    Would like a more crisp dot (mine is supposedly 2 moa) and some of the fuzz could be lack of glasses, or maybe because its a $200 Sightmark.

    Am thinking a Trijicon on a Ruger, or Kimber, or Springfield for hunting.
    But may go with the Smith M&P for social situations.

    Still have not ingrained gettign the dot to appear when coming onto target. Sometimes it's there, other times I gotta hunt for it.
    Think a 1911 w arched MS housing would get it to be more consistent.

    And the M&P smith polymer stuff has interchangeable backstraps.


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      I've held a few 10mm semi-autos in gun shops and they're definitely not for me. I have XL hands but the grip seems too large and they're all that way because of the cartridge length.

      If wanting to carry that cartridge, I'd go with either a Ruger or Smith & Wesson revolver. Besides, you can get a longer barrel in a revolver and gain longer sight radius and higher velocities. (But the 44mag is superior, rimmed, and capable of shooting .44 Specials.)
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        My EDC is a S&W M&P "Shield". Very comfortable and an easy shooter.
        Mine has no safety.


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          10mm in a 1911 is normal frame size.
          I've had .44 mag revolvers, like em fine.
          Am wanting a zippy auto.

          Maybe a 1911 and an M&P. Hell I dunno.

          Well I do broke right now. Gave the fam their Xmas funds.

          Maybe pistol hunt next yr.


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            Ive got dads.old beater SBH back up and running.
            Yeah Id like a Smith 629 again.
            But Im a user and not collector, so proly one 10mm and done. 1911 is fine, but would need an optic cut.

            The M&P holds more and is ready to mount.
            Might be a good one for field and social.

            1911 would just be field.




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